what I ate last [General]

2009 Jul 8
a fun game I've started on previous sites

what was in your last meal?

I'll start:

pan-roasted duck breast with caramelized onions and shiitakes cooked in the duck fat, splash of balsamic and tamari

num num

2009 Jul 8
Smellanie, that orzo sounds great!

on our front, we're hosting an old friend of the family from Japan, and to provide her w/ an eclectic "Canadian" blend of the familiar, some left-overs and "local", we did a quick between-rain outdoor meal. Doesn't look for much, but it turned out pretty good for a quickie. I snapped the photo half-way through.

Top to bottom:

--12 o'clock: shitaki mushrooms + kombu (seaweed), brought by our friend (dried, gold standard stuff, yes!)

-- seafood + veggie stir-fry, left-over from Pookie's (night before)

-- king-oyster mushroom + green onions + dash of soy. Shrooms c/o Produce Depot (Ontario perhaps?)

Flanking (to right):

-- wasabi (for the Kings)

-- som-tam (papaya salad), also left-overs from Pookie's

Misc: rice, tofu (organic, soyari brand), and beer (fin du monde).

2014 Feb 23
Boston pizza sticky ribs, only because their mini ribs are not too fatty and you get free garlic cheese bread the first time you order online :)

the ribs were good, as expected...

dessert is some organic gummy bears from nuts.com