Beer for dogs [General]

2008 Jul 16
no, not another thread about Budweiser.

Rather, a tip / thread for those who might have canines that are sometimes discerning when it comes to drinking water. Perhaps there's an evolutionary imperative or humidity induced brain atrophy, but it can be mildly alarming to watch your best friend turn its nose up at water fit for humans (brita filtered, for gawd sakes!), even after long-ish walks.

Our solution has been to give him a bowl of cold Barley tea. 99% of the time, Mr. D laps it up immediately.

For those wanting to try it, you can find the tea in Chinese stores (e.g., win tai). Looks like the package to the right. Dead easy to make: drop a couple tea-bags in container, add cold water, and its ready in an hr or so.

Lots of humans like it as well! :)

2008 Jul 16
I never would have thought of barley tea for dogs I have to say.

We give our dog ice cubes, it's a toy and refreshment all in one. Great fun.