peek into my fridge [General]

2009 Dec 9
admiring niall's nice, clean fridge full of liquor, i am curious as to what other people's fridges look like inside. i will post a picture of my own tonight. is anyone else willing to share a look inside their own?

2009 Dec 13
as an end of the yr response, thought i'd give some due to the peeps here, at least insofar as the top 2 shelves of my last-century GE bear the imprint of various OF discussions lurked or participated in:

Top shelf, left-right: sitting atop of a couple miso pastes is a sole package of natto (tnx crazy natto guy!); next, slightly behind is a jar of friend's home-made kimchi (yum!); then, to the front-right, my current pride 'n joy, another home-made concoction, a jar of vegetarian nam-prik-- sort of a Thai salsa / dipping paste (off-menu purchase by one of Pookie's fab chefs); Some liquid tamarind sauce follows (rear, obscured); then some Herdez chipolte sauce (tips fr. Chimi and others); some Ajvar (Monty's mentions); Viet garlic-hot-sauce, itself flanked (out of view) by variety of other hot-sauces / curry-pastes out of view that might garner Obi's approval; next a tub of Nutritional Yeast (HFF, Caitlin); and then a lonely, forgotten about 'til this photo arrangement and soon-to-be-composted onion.

Moving down, the middle-shelf notables: Aventinus eisboch, endorsed in a couple threads around this time last year (P-I-O? others?) -- used to enjoy the "regular" Aventinus, didn't act fast enough to try the seasonal special, here's my chance (yah!); and behind it a bottle of the Choya 23 mentioned in Niall's sake thread by Jagash / Aisu -- perhaps not quite my cup of tea, but interesting enough to drink the contents ... saving the plums (bottom of bottle) for a snowed-in day.

Lower shelves: boring and decomposing stuff, afraid to open the crisper truth to be told. In a more glorious age (Sept?), one held some of the fancy, local 'shrooms picked by the one and only Da Butcher.

Looking to the near future, contents above to be joined by purchases from the Mid-East Food Centre, esp. looking forward to the Mouhamara mentioned by Andy some time ago. And possibly a white wine or two from PEC / Niagara (tnx BDM / F&T, etc.). Side mention to Zym's influence: haven't started my own canning line, but that hasn't stopped me from encouraging more capable hands from doing so (and reaping benefits thereof). And, in the spirit of keeping up w/ the Momomotos, i guess my next fridge photo will be numerically indexed (and probably w/ a better camera).

Never thought photographing one's fridge contents could be such an interesting and revealing introspection into the influence of others.

2011 Jul 11
live4food, i'd say having a pig's head pickling in the fridge is probably the exact right time to take a picture of the contents.