what I ate last [General]

2009 Jul 8
a fun game I've started on previous sites

what was in your last meal?

I'll start:

pan-roasted duck breast with caramelized onions and shiitakes cooked in the duck fat, splash of balsamic and tamari

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2009 Aug 11
apartment-warming party, last night, hosted by one of the chefs from Pookie's. i've been outed there, so in keeping w/ the ever-vigilant NO SHILL / reviewer-neutrality agenda here, i'll supply no further buzzes on the restaurant itself. But, i suppose i can describe here, in the safety of the forums, what they do off-hrs?

Safe to say, its not what shows up in your average Thai restaurant: its not palace-fancy food, the emphasis is on fun, delicious & communal -- reach in and roll your own / eat w/ your fingers stuff.

Poorly captured in my cell-phone photo:

* the shells (foreground and also toward the rear-right): various types of greens --lettuces, cabbages, cactus leaves?-- used to roll up ingredients that follow.

* the garnishes (top plate): peanuts (procured in Chinatown, roasted @home); sliced lemon-grass, shallots, ginger, & galanga; pea-shaped raw eggplants; carrots; green-beans; sprouts and others.

* the herbs (middle plate): eg., Thai basil, coriander, mints, green onions, & others.

* the dipping sauces (2 bowls, middle): a sweet/hot chili-coconut, and sweet/sour ... maybe tamarind-base? (should've asked!).

* the meats: thai/lao beef jerky (bottom right), roasted fish (middle right platter), steamed fish w/ lemon-grass and other spices (below roasted fish, mostly cut-off).

* not in photo: som-tam (green papaya salad ... spicy as hell, oh yeah!); more meats - ground pork, bbq chicken; a couple curries (maybe khao soy??); and some noodles similar to what you find in Vietnamese rolls; booze in the fridge.

lesson learned: never-never-never and never turn down an invitation to a Thai housewarming party! Bring the booze, a housewarming gift, tell stupid jokes, whatever it takes to get your foot in the door ... you won't leave hungry!

2014 Feb 23
Boston pizza sticky ribs, only because their mini ribs are not too fatty and you get free garlic cheese bread the first time you order online :)

the ribs were good, as expected...

dessert is some organic gummy bears from nuts.com