Packaged veggie burgers [General]

2014 Jun 3
I am hosting a BBQ next week and find myself in need of some veggie burgers. I have taken a look at some of the recipes in the various forums on this site but I am not sure I will have time to make the burgers before the event (I am also hesitant to use this particular group of dinner guests as a guinea pig for a new recipe). So, I am in need of some recommendations for the packaged or pre-made options. The only discussions I found on the site date back to 2006. Does anyone have any more current suggestions?


2014 Jun 22
Not a big fan of soy burgers, but my fav store bought veg burger is Soyarie's ganmo burger. Un-fancy and modest on all fronts: packaging, size, number of ingredients (all pronounceable), cooking instructions. But, they also:

- look nice - they hold their form with nice grill marks.
- are versatile: Put 'em on the top grill, flip when convenient (half-time US vs. Portugal) and they'll likely be edible. If you really mess up, cut into cubes and toss into the salad as high-protein croutons.
- are nutritionally dense per point above about relatively few ingredients. Hockey puck sized, smallish compared to some of the other monsters on the market, but they are satisfying w/ an understated yum appeal.
- are a local biz. based on the other side of the river, non-gmo at that.

2015 Mar 6
best frozen veggie burger ?