And the Oscar goes to... [General]

2008 Feb 21
What is your OSCAR worthy kitchen buddy... Is there something you absolutely love or couldn't live without? And the winnner is...

2008 Feb 21
if the academy allows nominations for secondary roles, i'll also submit the guy to the right. Indispensable, esp. when i'm cooking, he's second to none at keeping the kitchen floor spotless.

2008 Feb 26
I have to say the utencil I couldn't live without at home or in a professional kitchen is...'grandma buddy', yes that is what I call it. Long story but anyone who worked at The UP would understand that everything there had/has a name and most a bio to go with it. Too many days spent in a hot kitchen can do this to people.
What grandma buddy is, is a simple metal spatula with a wooden handle. Use it for flipping, spreading, etc. Love it!