Favorite Cheap Eats in and around Ottawa [Food/Vendor]

2007 Nov 19
Cheap Eats. There is a book, but what about my fellow foodies.

Here are my fav cheap eats in Ottawa (and surrounding area):

1) Pho ......many places
2) Alladin Pies (Carling location)
3) Chinese Bakeries (only a few left)
4) Lunch from Sausage Kitchen Sausage Kitchen
5) Lunch from Parma Ravioli Parma Ravioli
6) Sandwiches and pasta from DiRienzo's DiRienzo Foods

2014 Jun 25
My inductee into this thread is Kothu Rotti, a little take-out place @ 408 Dalhousie: $5.99 for a 3 veg curry on rice. Photo'd (poorly, sorry) is the $1.00 upgrade that includes all veg curries on hand. Probably rotates, my take-away included chickpeas, lentil, potatoes, green beans, squash - each distinctly flavoured, reminiscent of Ceylonta's veg thali take-out. Friendly proprietor also tossed in a couple popadams.

In the interest of research and keeping up w/ up-thread bravado, i ate the whole damn thing... and promptly passed out (rice-overload). A very good deal imo. Other menu items inc. other s. Indian / Sri Lankan goodies - Idly, Dosai, String Hoppers, etc.: www.kothurotti.ca

2014 Jun 29
Nicastro's on Bank st is not the same ownership as the one downtown I was told.
(found out as I had won a Nicastro's Bank st GC in a photo contest a couple years ago :)

The Bank St store the sandwiches are all different prices, they have some pre-made sandwiches but you can ask for them to make you a fresh sandwich and depending who is there they might charge extra for some kinds of cheese or if u want the house roasted turkey over the cold cut kind.

Also there is just 1 kind of bread they use, so no choices there.
Also not that many pastries at Glebe location.

They do have a lot of fresh produce and used to have some frozen pizzas for discount.

An advantage of the Glebe store is you can ask for cheese samples and they do not mind just selling you a sliver of cheese or a 50 gram portion (I do not eat much cheese, so tiny pieces are better for me).

*Farm Boy if you go right before closing they discount the fried rice and roast potato and chicken.

Paid $1.50 instead of $3 for Thai fried rice and $2 for "parisian potatoes" inst of $4. Best before on both is Jul 3rd.

Ten Sushi, I kind of like and hate for some things.
But takeout is quite cheap.

Tofu pocket (Inari sushi) is just $1 per pc, tempura eggplant 8 decent slices is $3.99 and they are made when you order. Grilled eggplant is $3.50

They also have some vegetarian sushi set with 18pc for $11.95 and I'm sure it is better than the refrigerated stuff at Farm Boy.
Had to wait under 10 min at most for my food for a walk in order, they are quite quick.