Mia opened the restaurant with a partner, his eldest son Mostafa, a graduate of Algonquin College's hospitality program. Also working the front end is Meenara Akter, Mia's daughter.

"Now my own business ... 20 years I work in other restaurants ... now my restaurant," said Mia from his new establishment, Mia's Indian Cuisine, located at the site of a converted Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

Mia's Indian Cuisine
Mia's Indian Cuisine
Mia's Indian Cuisine
Foods from Mia's Indian Cuisine

2012 May 21
We tried Mia just last week in its first week. Food was outstandingly delish. We could not have expected more. Still some kinks to work out, but watch out Ottawa when this place gets those ironed out. Amazing food, great price. Good luck!

2012 May 21

2012 May 21
The restaurant is located at the corner of Richmond rd and woodroofe

917 Richmond Road,
Ottawa, ON K2A0G8

2012 May 21
Could someone who's been there post an address please? :)

2012 May 20
I tried Mia Indian cuisine on the second day of opening. The place is clean and staff very friendly.The food is great, good selection on the menu as well as take out order. I liked the naan bread and the tandoori chicken. Lots of flavour. Will recommend highly.

2012 May 20

A look at the inside. Taken by my Blackberry.

2012 May 18
not for consumption on a day requiring mental acuity, heavy machinery operation, etc., Mia's Biryani-rice was (for my taste) excellently balanced w/ a haf-dozen or so spices (cloves, yum!) and further accented w/ added pineapple. Difficult to put down even as carbocoma-drowsiness sets in, thus probably safer to splitsies w/ someone ... 1 more hr to end of day ... losing focus .... zzzzzzzz

Likewise enjoyed Mia's veg samosas, piping hot and w/ a nice (albeit slightly too sweet for my tongue) tamarind sauce. Echoes of OSM, i'd say these trump the samosas i've had elsewhere (my sample isn't large .. but Aahar's by comparison). Should add, tho, people on greaseless diets may want to avert their eyes and bring wipes for their fingers.

Non-food points: not the lowest prices in town -that current OF index of spendiness, channa masala, hovers @ the $10 mark- then again, Westboro's not a cheap area to set up in and per Captain's review, they do a few lunch specials. Bonuses inc. decent parking out back; and their posted schedule indicates being open all afternoon - yea! claps hands! a welcome addition to that strip along Richmond.

2012 May 18
Had it last night.

Completely satisfied.

Place is perhaps a bit humble in decor but clean and bright.

The staff are working hard and very quick to correct anything amiss.

The food... easily on par with the best Indian food Ottawa has to offer and better than most.

The samosa (3/order) was tasty dough, nicely seasons potato and veg filling. Totally a treat vs the generic ones most places churn out.

The onion bhadjis (4/order) were pure deep fried goodness. These are the kind that are basically flour balls with lots of crispy fried onions. Great.

The butter chicken was the standard creamy tasty white meat dish done exactly right. Nothing original but utterly delicious.

The eggplant bhadji was the 'green' style of this dish, the eggplant roasted and rouggly pureed, no smokey taste (i like that myself but) TONNES of flavour.

The mixed veg curry was again, the standard dish done exactly right.

I'm going to blow the name of the dish but the zaghysai rice is perhaps the single bestest Indian food rice dish i have even enjoyed. Big chunks of fruit, lots of veg, lots of friend onions.

And yes, the CBC had it right - the naan bread IS to die for.

Price for that was approx $60.

Will be back, will send others, will chase them away when it gets too busy and i regret sending them.

2012 May 17
A view of the inside. Just one section.

This would be a great place for an Ottawa Foodies meetup, after Zaki's. Tables can be easily combined together.

With this highly visible location, ultra clean and new interior (even the parking lot pavement is brand new!), combined with good food at a good price, this place should become very busy, very fast.

2012 May 17
Had lunch special today.

Lunch menu consists of three different naan sandwiches with soup (7.95) or a curry, rice, vegetable and salad (8.95).

I choose curry lamb and a mango lassi (3.95). Good choice. Lamb was nice and tender and the vegetables were an interesting combination of carrot, peas, cabbage, lima beans, cauliflower etc. and not over cooked.

Mango lassi was quite creamy .. I woould like a bit more mango taste and will ask them to up the mango next time.

Light Bollywood he/she ballads played in the background. Nice touch.

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