Where to get Gado gado

2008 May 22
You're right!
I did a little search and lo and behold it's on their menu: ottawadelivers.com

Thanks, Daft Diner!

2008 May 22
Pretty sure that Chayaya Malaysia serves it...

2008 May 21

Popping out of the wood works to ask about this Indonesian food.

Does any place in town serve gado gado, and if not, does anyone have any good recipes? It looks like something I'd really enjoy!


2009 Apr 6
There are two versions of gado gado available at the restaurant -- one that is called "Malaysian" and the other "Indonesian" The Malaysian version has a traditional satay style peanut sauce over a salad of bean sprouts, long beans, cabbage, tofu, and boiled egg. The Indonesia version has a sweet soya sauce-based peanut sauce with chili and tamarind over bean sprouts, long beans, cabbage, and tofu. My preference, having tried both, is the Malaysian version.