This vendor no longer exists!

Trini Caribbean Delights
1980 Robertson Road / 613.828.6262

Foods from Trini Caribbean Delights

2014 Mar 4
Sadly it is now out of business. My wife went there today (March 4, 2014) to get some of their wonderful doubles and the doors were barred with a notice of foreclosure. We wish Alfred all the best in sorting out these problems and hope to see him in business again soon.

2014 Jan 28
To take TCD out of the dark recesses of the 2013 new openings thread with impressions built on a couple take-aways:

- friendly-friendly people, a mom-pop shop that takes pride in providing quality ingredients. On my first visit, the wife/owner chatted me up about the garden she grows in the summer and its influence into the veg options she provides during the summer/fall.

- echoes of the above, the $7.00 veg-roti hits a definite price/quality/quantity sweet-spot - filling & tasty on both take-outs, one time a chick-pea curry, the other a pumpkin.

- they close early, i.e. at 7 and sometimes earlier says the clock on my iphone: I'm 2 for 4 on the ole impromptu "i feel like roti" drive-byes. Note point re. mom/pop shop - i don't blame them. Just get there on time. Or, go with a flexible appetite - in that near perfect constellation of strip mall eateries, Thai Flame and a couple Indian/Pakistani places are nearby.

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