Where to find good quality tofu to cook? [Cooking]

2008 Mar 23
I have been thinking about cooking tofu again for the first time in over 10 years. Part of my renewed interests stems from wanting to develop a healthier lifestyle. But, it also stems from some articles I have read on how great tofu can be.

One of my main concerns about buying tofu to cook again, is to find a good quality tofu. I recall buying some no-name or presidents choice varieties back in the 1990s that did not leave me wanting more.

So my question is what vendors and brands would be people recommend in terms of a good quality tofu and what suggestions do people have for some healthy and reasonably straight forward recipes for everyday meals (i.e. the meals I would make on a weeknight... not a dinner party meal).

I saw tofu tagged but it only listed restaurants so far as I could tell.

Cheers and thanks as always.

2008 Mar 24
Somewhat in line w/ the advice above, some Loblaws stores (to their credit) sell a "tofu burger" manufactured by a Gatineau based company, Soyarie. Unlike other tofu burgers (Yves or whatever), this one doesn't aim to pretend its meat: it retains its own nutty flavour and is enhanced w/ sesame and other seasonings which contribute to a quite savoury but not "fake" taste. Its also dead easy to make: fry it on either side for a couple minutes. It is a bit oily, but if that's a problem, simply soak it in water for a minute or so.

2008 Apr 15
Interesting ... I was looking for exactly that in Diet for a Small Planet but they did not list it separately from soy. Though people should not get the impression from this that it's protein is better than the protein you get from mixing other proteins - in exactly the same way that meat protein is no better than that you get from mixing vegetable protein. I'd be interested in seeing it listed on the aforementioned scale in DfaSP in terms of "quality" and "quantity" of protein.

I think I'll write to Frances Moore Lappe ...