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Dessert at Gezellig
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2013 Jan 3
grilled quail, mushroom quinoa pilaf, pickled ramp chutney, red endive, warm porcini vinaigrette 14.

Crispy tasty goodness. Nice charring.

2012 Dec 9
I took my husband and son for lunch at Gezellig.
I go to Play for girls night out, Beckta for date night with my husband,so I was hoping Gezellig would be the place for family dining. My son was very happy and he approved :)

Potato leek soup: very creamy and flavourful. Really tasty soup, but I found it was bit too salty.

Poached eggs with truffled mushroom ragout and grilled sourdough
Our server didn’t ask us how we like the doneness of the poached eggs. So we asked the server what is the standard doneness of the poached egg here, she replied soft poached is the standard at Gezellig that's why she didn’t ask us. It would be kind if the menu indicates eggs will be soft poached. We asked our server we prefer medium poached, and it came perfect medium :) Very tasty dish, Mushroom ragout was excellent.

I had a pork sandwich with salad, spinach and arugula weren’t fresh, some leaves were mushy and wilted. I told our server to show it to the cooks, because they need to know,it was not acceptable. It could be prevented if cooks spent few minutes to check the freshness of the greens when they did the daily Mise en Place, it would take only few minutes yet it is very important, because once the restro opens for the service, you simply have no time to fix it. Salad should be fresh. I didn't hear any follow up from the server, so I don't know if she spoke with the cooks or not. Vinaigrette for the salad had no characteristic taste or flavour. Bland. Pork sandwich was nice, small portion, it was okay for me.

Sticky date pudding, ginger, toffee sauce, vanilla à la mode was very tasty. I enjoyed it so much...but I didn’t notice the ginger.

Apple-crumble cheesecake, honey-thyme whip cream was also very good. My son didn't want to share.

Baileys crème brulee with biscotti was also tasty. Creamy and bitter, not too sweet,it was very refreshing because I don't like too sweet, sugar overloded desserts.
We loved desserts. Bravo to the pastry chef.
Coffee was good too.

We ordered 1 soup, 3 meals, 2 side dishes, 3 desserts and 2 coffee and bill total was just above $100 after tax and tip. Very reasonable price.

2012 Dec 4
Hi Mark:

Thanks very much for dining with us at gezellig recently. I'm thrilled that you had a good time. I appreciate all of your insights and feedback. We are adding some sound baffles on the ceiling in a couple of weeks. It should help with the slight echo in the dining room. I appreciate the early support of our new spot and hope to have you back as we tweak our offerings in the months to come.

With many thanks,


2012 Dec 3
Wow! We came with high expectations and left very pleased. Great food, reasonable prices, exemplary service.

I'm going to gush a bit about the food so let me get one minor quibble out of the way first. It is noisy in here at lunchtime on Friday. Tall ceilings and echo-y walls make for raised voices, even in a corner booth. This results in a lively atmosphere though, so win-win?

My Neighbourhood Negroni was well made and tasty.

Small plates:
* potato-leek soup - My brother had this and I tasted a spoonful. Incredibly flavourful, this is uber-soup!
* beef tartare (top left) - A generous patty of hand-chopped marinated beef. Great combination of flavours for the serious beef lover.
* romaine salad (top right) - My wife's app, super fresh lettuce.

* seafood chowder (bottom left) - Generous properly cooked mussels, shrimp, scallop, and fish in a rich soup.
* short rib steak (bottom right) - A rough but tasty and affordable version of steak-frites. My wife and I both compared this (unfairly, I admit) to the hanger steak at Play and we prefer the hanger steak for its superior flavour and tenderness.

I was here with my wife and both my brothers. My brother who lives in Montreal made the comment that if he were to ever open a restaurant, he envisions it looking like this one inside. We were all quite thrilled with our meals and the service too. Another gold star for Beckta Enterprises! ;-)

2012 Dec 2
My wife and I went here for the first time last night, and we were quite impressed.

We started by sharing one of the small plates, the mussels. It was a good choice for sharing, with a generous serving size and a very tasty broth. We made good use of the excellent bread served on the side to mop it up.

For our mains, being in a seafoodie mood, we opted for the grilled whole striped bass for two. It was expertly deboned and perfectly cooked, and we consumed every morsel, except for the tail fin. For sides, we had the parmesan fries and grilled fall vegetables. They all went down well, our only quibble being some thicker pieces of squash that were a little too crunchy.

For dessert, we had a really nice sticky date pudding - good thing we decided to share one, as by this time we were feeling rather full. Should've resisted the temptation of those parmesan fries!

Including coffee and two glasses of wine each, the tab came to about $120 before tax and tip. The wine menu is quite interesting and diverse, and appears to be modeled on that of Play. The wine service has those same nice touches that we appreciate at Play: two different sizes of pours by the glass, and the bottle is brought to your table to be poured. Also like Play, gezellig offers BYOW ($15 corkage fee), though this doesn't appear to be mentioned on their website.

It's a really nice space for a restaurant, with lots of interesting nooks and crannies. Though it was fairly noisy, it being a busy Saturday night, it seemed less so than other places of similar size that we've been to, and it was quite easy to carry on a conversation. Service was excellent, as we've come to expect in a Beckta establishment.

In a head-to-head comparison between the two restos, I would still give the nod to Play, as I really like the small plates concept, and they offer a greater variety of dishes. But gezellig is a great addition to the west end dining scene, and if last night was any indication, they're destined to do well.

2012 Nov 18
Was treated to a dinner @ Gezellig last week. Overall impressions echo previous comments - familiar ingredients expertly prepared. But also a little constraining - high prices and a small'ish menu featuring 6 or so mains doesn't provide many options for those who show up on the doorstep unfamiliar with the setup (in other words, read their online menu).

Our breakdown, including my benefactor's:

- first and foremost, a mean smoked Manhattan all peaty and scotch like. Fav cocktail of the yr, easily puts me in the ballpark of a bourbon convert.
- a fine wine selection (as expected).
- an excellent salad - almost a meal in itself.
- excellent service.
- the best bank-to-restaurant conversion ever.

- the soup (onion something) was borderline-excellent.
- grilled veg side-plate, unevenly done, still tasty.

Less (to our liking):
- my risotto was expertly prepared but risottos are the ever-present veg. option at higher end restaurants. Rich and filling, but on a subjective note, also a bit boring and cloyingly starchy-sweet after the 3rd bite. I know people who would die for this, but had a single other veg'n option been available, i'd probably have gone in that direction.
- dining partner thought her thai-inspired seafood chowder was ok, but just that. For comparison, she speaks glowingly of Shore Club's chowder - a different animal (not thai) and higher priced, but in her words, Shore's brings more primal-unami oomph.

As a Play fan, I was hoping for more in its shadow - small plates, more options. Not necessarily a knock on Gez., their food will resonate w/ many (the restaurant's been busy most evenings i've walked by) but short of expense accounts covering my meal-ticket, its likely my next Beckta meal will be back in the Market.

2012 Nov 4
I stopped by for lunch last week and every thing was top notch from the service to the food. I started with the onion soup which was the usual carmellized onions in a sweetish broth with a small bread slice covered with melted cheese. A little different from the traditional French onion soup in that it wasn't so cheesy and the broth was a little tangy. Good soup. I followed up with a chicken muffuletta sandwich which was great. It was the sum of it's parts and it's parts were all good! The sandwich as a whole was great but as you worked your way through it, each ingredient shone through and each ingredient was as good as it gets. I guess that is what I came away with; familiar food made with the best ingredients and done very well.

2012 Oct 24
Ottawa is lucky to have Stephen Beckta. This, his third restaurant, in my opinion is a hit and I would already consider it my favorite of the trio. Don’t get me wrong, Beckta and Play both have a place on the list of the best restaurants in Ottawa but Gezellig has a relaxing vibe that I found appealing as well as impeccable service and food on par with the other two restaurants.

The place was full when we visited last night, their second official day. When we left, close to 10pm, it was almost as busy as when we arrived. Although loud, there is the right mix of soft furnishings, including a black leather banquette down the middle of the restaurant, that helps to reduce the echo affect. The wall of very tall windows looking out onto Churchill is perfectly accented with lights that draw your eyes up so you appreciate the scale.

Now onto the food. To start, white bean and honey puree was delivered to our table along with home-made sourdough bread – fantastic. After that, we shared an appetizer and a dessert and in between had two mains. All were scrumptious.
- The romaine salad had roasted red and yellow tomatoes, roasted squash, toasted pumpkin seeds and shredded basil, all lightly covered with a buttermilk based dressing
- The thickest piece of steak (short rib steak) I have ever seen a top the smallest mushrooms I have ever seen and a side of fries sprinkled with parmesan
- Duck stew with cubed potatoes, cauliflower and carrots (if I remember correctly) – the sauce was to die for
- Maple pecan tart with two scoops of chocolate ice cream (which I initially thought a bit weird but it turned out to be the perfect complement to the fantastic tart)

The wine list is a decent size with a number offered by the glass. One thing I was surprised at was that there were not more Canadian wines.

One interesting part of the menu is at the bottom where there is a short list of dinners for two where you pick your meat and sides.

Steve was helping out around the restaurant where needed - serving, clearing plates and when not needed, chatting with patrons. He looked very pleased-as he should be.

I hope to be back often.

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2013 Oct 29
I had a lunch at Gezellig with my friends.
Our server was very Pleasant and Professional.
We enjoyed 2 for $20 deal.

I picked pork belly pappardelle
soft egg yolk, peas, grilling onions, baby kale, mint, green peppercorn : it was very delicious. I enjoyed mixing "almost uncooked soft egg yolk" and pasta together. It was very tasty.

cioppino stew
cod, mussels, squid, anchovy, tomato broth, fennel, fingerlings, Italian parsley : my friend from CA said it seems bit odd to see potatoes in cioppino, but over all it was nice stew.

I tried butterfinger : it was very tasty and has silky texture. I found it very sweet. I couldn't finish it so I took it home. I kinda wanted to eat with something that can neutralize my palate. Butter finger was served with soft meringue, but I think dry and crispy meringue with peanut dust would add more texture to the plate. over all, it was very nice dessert.

2013 Jul 29
Ashley, I'm sorry to hear that you found the Butterfinger dessert to be too sweet. Please contact me on your next visit so I can personally help you eat it! :D :D :D

Yes, it is sweet. I don't usually seek out desserts, but when I do I like them to be sweet: baklava, honey soaked fried stuff, caramelized anything. I don't much like fruity desserts.

Sorry it didn't meet your expectations, but I really don't think it's sweeter than any other peanut butter and chocolate confection I've ever encountered. It is certainly less sweet than a Reese Peanut Butter cup or even an actual Butterfinger chocolate bar!

Try the other desserts next time. From what I've seen, they are all excellent here. :-)

2013 Jul 28
Fresh Foodies, when you said "Life is too short not to taste this", I ordered this. Sorry. Too sweet for my teeth. Good that I ordered one to try with my friends. They just said "It is okay".

2012 Dec 3
The butter finger dessert blew my mind. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, this might be the best dessert you ever eat. Life is too short not to taste this. The menu describes it as "peanut butter, white, milk & dark chocolate, graham cookie, chocolate anglaise" but those are just words. Totally addictive. The portion is way too big but you will eat and enjoy every last bite.

The apple-crumble cheesecake was very good and the honey-thyme whipped cream made it cool and unique. Beautiful presentation.



2014 Jan 26
The brunch here is, in a word, excellent. The options are characterized as small plates, and are offered individually at prices between $8-$14, or 2 for $20.

Pictured is the Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich which consists of a fried egg, cheddar, sausage, house pickles, spiced ketchup and is served with delicious crispy home fries. This thing was delicious - it was almost like a breakfast slider as the sausage patty was meaty and well seasoned. The biscuit had a nice sweetness to it which paired well with the savory egg, meat and cheese.

My girlfriend also had the Duck Fry up which is a scrambled egg dish with duck, mushrooms, snap peas, cherry tomato, scallion, fingerlings, crème fraîche, and herbs.

I also had the Polish potato soup which was topped with dill pickle, red peppers, and carrots.

Both were also very good with the duck fry up being especially outstanding. My only regret is that I didn't save room for dessert. We will certainly be back.

More pictures:

2012 Dec 14
Was lucky enough to have brunch here the other Saturday. I find it hard to find places offering brunch in the region on Saturdays (much easier on Sundays) so I was thrilled to discover that Gezillwig would be open on both Saturdays and Sundays.

The menu has a mixture of breakfast and lunch choices, we tried one of each and were not disappointed:
- A plate (actually it came in a shallow bowl) with scrambled eggs, two large pieces of chorizo, a fried polenta square, all topped with roasted tomato salsa, two pieces of grilled sourdough were on the side – at first I was not sure of the addition of such a spicy sausage on a breakfast plate but everything worked well together (I should have known!) and I enjoyed this dish very much
- Tagliatelle with a garlic cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and charred tomatoes – a perfect combination of flavours

They serve Bridgehead coffee which, although I use the beans at home, tasted much better while sitting in this attractive restaurant.

Highly recommend.

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2013 Aug 14
shrimp and grits is one of my favourites here. succulent shrimp, creamy grits, tasty bits of calamari and kale and highlight the wonderful housemade andouille sausage. Yum.