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Dessert at Gezellig
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2013 May 18
The infamous butter finger what more can be said. At the end I though I was not full but that was just my mind not registering what my stomach already knew. A long walk provided proof of the feast that was had.

2013 May 18
raised Quebec rabbit, garganelli pasta, fresh sorrel, asparagus tips, mint and olive tapenade, roasted garlic oil, chipped parmesan. Balanced dish just wish my spoon was not hiding I missed scooping up some rich broth.

2013 May 18
Grilled quail, mushroom quinoa pilaf, onion jam, rainbow chard, warm porcini vinaigrette. Nice grilled flavor from the quail. The chard was a tad grassy for my taste.

2013 May 16
The butter finger dessert.

Beautiful textures, delicious flavours, sheer decadence. This is a rich, dense, complex dessert which is shareable, especially after a filling meal.

2013 May 13
Was here for brunch, late April 2013. It entirely lived up to the below positive reviews.

The fritata was delicious and ample. A nice size egg/veg serving that had fresh ingredients that stood out nicely.

The benny was just wrong (in a good way). The mushroom fricasee may have been my favoritest thing done to mushrooms ever.

The house made bread to start was evil.

I have to mention, and really i'm posting to make this point moreso than just to echo other comments about the great food, that the service, from the hostess to the waitress to the guy who filled the water, was exemplary from beginning to end.

Brunch for 2, tax and tip in, about $45. Tottally worth it. Will be back and will send others without hesitation.

2013 May 12
I was here for Mother's Day brunch as well, first time. Really beautiful space and decor, and wasn't too loud even though it was mostly full. The apple and granola flapjacks were huge! Nice big side of maple, a pile of fresh fruit, really nothing negative to say about the food. Two others had the breakfast poutine and it took all my will power not to finish both their bowls and then order one for myself. The rest of my party was too full for dessert, so I didn't get to try the butterfinger. I'll be back soon for a breakfast poutine and dessert. Can't wait!

2013 May 12
Fantastic Mothers Day brunch.

My second visit here.

We had the steak frites. Perfectly cooked medium rare strip loin, delicious. Excellent choice to have caramelized pearl onions and hollandaise to accompany the steak.

The fries were beautiful too, and perfect with the espresso aioli.

Finally, great espresso and regular coffee, and an absolutely phenomenal butter finger dessert.

Superb service, and comfortably airy, well-lit space with tasteful wood appointments and leather booths.

Very decent draft beer selection, good variety.

This restaurant is a gem in the neighbourhood, can't wait to be back.

2013 Apr 13
This is why I will never hesitate to suggest any of mr. Becktas restaurants for recommendation, even though I've only eaten at play(many times!!). The fact tha you address and attempt to remedy every single situation,without excuses, or offence, but simply by apologizing and sharing what has been changed.etc shows how much you truly love your business and customers.

2013 Apr 12
Having frequented Beckta in the past and Gezellig recently (3 times), I would be absolutely shocked if WeCanEat wasn't taken care of promptly and appropriately. Everything is usually spot on and even a minor comment (not even a complaint) is addressed. Something like cross-contamination would've certainly garnered Gezellig's attention and subsequent care to ensure the dining experience was nothing short of enjoyable despite the issue.

2013 Apr 12
OK ... No one call up Gezellig for a reservation claiming to be WeCanEat, so Steve can "take care of all of the details."

(... and usually add a comp.)

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2013 Oct 29
I had a lunch at Gezellig with my friends.
Our server was very Pleasant and Professional.
We enjoyed 2 for $20 deal.

I picked pork belly pappardelle
soft egg yolk, peas, grilling onions, baby kale, mint, green peppercorn : it was very delicious. I enjoyed mixing "almost uncooked soft egg yolk" and pasta together. It was very tasty.

cioppino stew
cod, mussels, squid, anchovy, tomato broth, fennel, fingerlings, Italian parsley : my friend from CA said it seems bit odd to see potatoes in cioppino, but over all it was nice stew.

I tried butterfinger : it was very tasty and has silky texture. I found it very sweet. I couldn't finish it so I took it home. I kinda wanted to eat with something that can neutralize my palate. Butter finger was served with soft meringue, but I think dry and crispy meringue with peanut dust would add more texture to the plate. over all, it was very nice dessert.

2013 Jul 29
Ashley, I'm sorry to hear that you found the Butterfinger dessert to be too sweet. Please contact me on your next visit so I can personally help you eat it! :D :D :D

Yes, it is sweet. I don't usually seek out desserts, but when I do I like them to be sweet: baklava, honey soaked fried stuff, caramelized anything. I don't much like fruity desserts.

Sorry it didn't meet your expectations, but I really don't think it's sweeter than any other peanut butter and chocolate confection I've ever encountered. It is certainly less sweet than a Reese Peanut Butter cup or even an actual Butterfinger chocolate bar!

Try the other desserts next time. From what I've seen, they are all excellent here. :-)

2013 Jul 28
Fresh Foodies, when you said "Life is too short not to taste this", I ordered this. Sorry. Too sweet for my teeth. Good that I ordered one to try with my friends. They just said "It is okay".

2012 Dec 3
The butter finger dessert blew my mind. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, this might be the best dessert you ever eat. Life is too short not to taste this. The menu describes it as "peanut butter, white, milk & dark chocolate, graham cookie, chocolate anglaise" but those are just words. Totally addictive. The portion is way too big but you will eat and enjoy every last bite.

The apple-crumble cheesecake was very good and the honey-thyme whipped cream made it cool and unique. Beautiful presentation.



2014 Jan 26
The brunch here is, in a word, excellent. The options are characterized as small plates, and are offered individually at prices between $8-$14, or 2 for $20.

Pictured is the Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich which consists of a fried egg, cheddar, sausage, house pickles, spiced ketchup and is served with delicious crispy home fries. This thing was delicious - it was almost like a breakfast slider as the sausage patty was meaty and well seasoned. The biscuit had a nice sweetness to it which paired well with the savory egg, meat and cheese.

My girlfriend also had the Duck Fry up which is a scrambled egg dish with duck, mushrooms, snap peas, cherry tomato, scallion, fingerlings, crème fraîche, and herbs.

I also had the Polish potato soup which was topped with dill pickle, red peppers, and carrots.

Both were also very good with the duck fry up being especially outstanding. My only regret is that I didn't save room for dessert. We will certainly be back.

More pictures:

2012 Dec 14
Was lucky enough to have brunch here the other Saturday. I find it hard to find places offering brunch in the region on Saturdays (much easier on Sundays) so I was thrilled to discover that Gezillwig would be open on both Saturdays and Sundays.

The menu has a mixture of breakfast and lunch choices, we tried one of each and were not disappointed:
- A plate (actually it came in a shallow bowl) with scrambled eggs, two large pieces of chorizo, a fried polenta square, all topped with roasted tomato salsa, two pieces of grilled sourdough were on the side – at first I was not sure of the addition of such a spicy sausage on a breakfast plate but everything worked well together (I should have known!) and I enjoyed this dish very much
- Tagliatelle with a garlic cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and charred tomatoes – a perfect combination of flavours

They serve Bridgehead coffee which, although I use the beans at home, tasted much better while sitting in this attractive restaurant.

Highly recommend.

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2013 Aug 14
shrimp and grits is one of my favourites here. succulent shrimp, creamy grits, tasty bits of calamari and kale and highlight the wonderful housemade andouille sausage. Yum.