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Dessert at Gezellig
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2013 Feb 21
I was treated to Gezellig for my birthday recently. This was our second visit here.
Our meal sounds very similar to Boxers.

I followed along with the wine pairings for all the food. I had a nice carrot soup to start, amazing on a cold snowy day.
For mains, we had the lamb shank (me) and the steak frites. The lamb was great, but yes, the cinnamon spaetzle was stunning. I kept looking for more on my plate.
Couldn't miss dessert. Normally I do a creme brulee but this time it wasn't on the menu so went with the butter finger. Was NOT a mistake. Shared the butter finger. I could return just for this and a glass of port. The port I had with dessert actually made everything taste like a fancy peanut butter and jelly sandwhich ( I know, bad anology). haha, it was very nice though.

The service is good here. Coats are taken, everyone smiles, and they don't hesitate to explain anything or share a backstory.

Gezellig is just down the street from us, so no reason not to visit more often.

2013 Feb 5
Went for dinner last week and everything was top notch.

Wife had a refreshing Pimm's to start. I had the Kitchissippi Dark and followed by a Beaus Lager. Usually a fan of IPA's but I found the Dark akin to a marriage b/w a stout and an IPA, a little too much for my tastes.

Started off with the caeser salad (delicious wasabi dressing) and wife had the mussels. Both appetizers were spot on.

For mains my wife had the seafood pappardelle and I had the lamb shank. Both dishes received high marks. The lamb shank has previously received glowing reviews and deservedly so but I don't recall anyone making mention of the cinnamon spaetzle which was cooked and seasoned to perfection. I could actually have this as a main itself, it was that good.

Desserts were the butter finger (moi) and pistachio cream tarte (SO). The butter finger was very rich and could probably be shared by two. We ended up switching our desserts as I really enjoyed the pistachio tarte. Both got big thumbs up.

Wonderful meal and great service.

Can't wait to go back!

2013 Jan 23
We were at Gezellig on Saturday evening. I had called for a reservation for 2 at the bar. It was happily taken. Once I arrived, hubby dropped me off then searched for a parking place. My coat was promptly taken with a number given so I would get my own back. Not always done, I don’t know how someone can remember what coat is mine! Sat at the bar and tried to look at the menu but I had forgotten my reading glasses! The bartender quickly got me a pair from the front of the house so I could read. We decided on a bottle of the Creekside Sauvignon Blanc but were told that it was just not cold enough and would be 7 to 10 minutes. Offered a comp glass of the other Sauvignon Blanc. Nice touch. We were enjoying it and decided to get a bottle but when Bartender, Paul (I think gave me his card which is at home) looked they had none left so he offered the next one up in price for the same price as the one we wanted. Very nice offer. We also had dessert as everything looked so good coming out of the kitchen. The “Sticky Date dessert” was fantastic, only wish I had ordered it and did not have to share with husband!! A very enjoyable evening and we will definitely be back for dinner.

2013 Jan 23
I finally had the chance to go last night with a fellow Ottawa Foodie friend. We were not disappointed. She had the ceasar salad and steak. I ordered the sweetbread and lamb shank. We shared a butter finger dessert (OMG it was THAT YUMMY). The food was both fresh and delicious (we would have preferred the romaine lettuce to to chopped up - easier to eat), the recommended wine was perfect, and the service was spot on. The atmosphere was both cozy and inviting, an excellent way to spend a frigid winter evening...go Canada! (LOL)

2013 Jan 5
I finally made it to gezellig on Thursday night. As a fan of Play, I had high hopes for this newest Beckta establishment. I was not disappointed.

The atmosphere was a nice balance between casual and "special" - this place would work equally well for date night and group gatherings. In fact, both were happening all around us, and everyone seemed to be having a terrific time. The upstairs space can be enclosed for private groups (seating about 30, I think I was told) so it would be a nice spot for a special event.

The service was everything we've come to expect from Beckta restaurants. It was nice to see some familiar faces from Play, and to meet some new members of the team. I don't know what they put in the staff meals, but whatever it is, it would be great if it could be bottled and sold to the rest of Ottawa's restaurants. Knowledegeable, professional, friendly, welcoming...a really nice part of the dining experience. Everyone seems really happy to be there, and that is contagious.

Of course all of this would be for naught if the food didn't measure up.

I started with the romaine salad - crisp leaves of romaine in a light dressing that I wanted to lick off the plate, accented with winter squash, toasted pumpkin seeds and a few other tasty things. Delicious. My husband started with the beef tartare. I tasted it, and the beef was wonderfully seasoned, served with lemon oil crostade that complimented the beef beautifully. The beef is served with a fried egg on top, which my husband loved (and it was, after all, his appetizer), but I don't particularly like eggs - just a personal preference. I loved the rest of the dish, and when I order it, I'll ask for the egg to be left off...I'm fairly certain this service oriented operation will have no issue with my request.

I had the lamb shank as my main...fall of the bone tender, lovely flavour combinations. I highly recommend it. My husband had the short rib steak. It was prepared exactly as requested, had terrific flavour, and was accompanied by delicious parmesan topped fries. Short Rib is not the most tender of cuts, so if you are looking for a filet kind of experience, this might not do it for you, but as flavour goes, it really hits the mark.

We are not normally dessert eaters, but were intrigued by the Almond cake. Oh my goodness! A fabulous almond cake topped with dark cherries. I don't know if it's always on the menu - it's not on the one that's currently posted on the website - but if it's there when you go, you really should try it.

I didn't look at the wine list, but my husband, who is a fairly educated consumer, deemed it very good, with great options at a variety of price points.

Bottom line - we had an absolutely terrific time, and I can't wait to introduce others to this fine establishment. We'll be back.

2013 Jan 4
My wife and I ate there on New Years Eve. Fixed price four-course menu for $80 with optional $50 wine pairings. A really wonderful dinner with Team Beckta continuing to impress.

I started out strong with a Tuna Poke that was my favourite dish of the night. Super-fresh raw tuna dressed with bright cilantro, green onion, lime (or maybe ponzu?) and dried seaweed. So clean and fresh tasting with just a touch of rich funkiness from the seaweed. My new years resolution is to replicate/steal this dish! My wife had a prosciutto consume with little balls of melon that was clever and delicious.

Second course, I had three seared scallops on top of a cauliflower puree. There was enough sweetness and the cream content was so high, I got the sense that with a bit more whipping you could have turned it into cauliflower whipped cream. I loved it. My wife had the grilled quail. She is too ladylike to tear it apart with her hands, which is what I would have done. But even eaten with a knife and fork she enjoyed it.

Main courses were served as sharing plates for two, which led to a lively debate over whether we would share the whole piglet or the lobster. There were also venison and fish options. In the end, the piglet won. To my wife's relief and my chagrin, the "whole piglet" arrived headless and largely boneless. Each of us had piglet ribs (on the bone) and what I presume was the rest of the meat taken off the bones and wrapped in a portion of glazed and roasted skin. Accompanying spaetzle and mushrooms were hearty side dishes. Also black truffle shaved over the lot.

I’m not a desert guy, but my poached pear with meringue thingy was good. The iced cider paired with it was killer.

This was our first time at Gezellig and we look forward to going back. Service isn’t yet as flawless as the Beckta mothership, but I suspect they will get there soon. Already more attentive and professional service than most places in the city.

2013 Jan 3
seafood chowder, red curry coconut broth, oyster plant, sweet carrots, purple potato, lime oil 17.

Oyster planr is a peeled rootthat goes soft when cooked. Interesting.

Generous with the seafood. Big horkin' sea scallop nicely seared. Quite tempered red curry broth. Balanced.

2013 Jan 3
duck “pozole” stew, hominy, peppers, potatoes, onions, cumin, spiced mild or hot 17

Orderd hot and got what I ordered.
HOT ... but not a Thai hot.

Duck was tender and plentiful. Veggies not over cooked and mushy.

2013 Jan 3
tagliatelle, fresh herbs, charred tomato, shiitake, toasted garlic cream 14

Creamy rich.
Pasta to die for .. al dente and the right thickness !

2013 Jan 3
potato-leek soup, guanciale lardons, truffle oil 8

Soup just OK by itself ... But with the lardons and truffle oil .... bang on.

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2013 Oct 29
I had a lunch at Gezellig with my friends.
Our server was very Pleasant and Professional.
We enjoyed 2 for $20 deal.

I picked pork belly pappardelle
soft egg yolk, peas, grilling onions, baby kale, mint, green peppercorn : it was very delicious. I enjoyed mixing "almost uncooked soft egg yolk" and pasta together. It was very tasty.

cioppino stew
cod, mussels, squid, anchovy, tomato broth, fennel, fingerlings, Italian parsley : my friend from CA said it seems bit odd to see potatoes in cioppino, but over all it was nice stew.

I tried butterfinger : it was very tasty and has silky texture. I found it very sweet. I couldn't finish it so I took it home. I kinda wanted to eat with something that can neutralize my palate. Butter finger was served with soft meringue, but I think dry and crispy meringue with peanut dust would add more texture to the plate. over all, it was very nice dessert.

2013 Jul 29
Ashley, I'm sorry to hear that you found the Butterfinger dessert to be too sweet. Please contact me on your next visit so I can personally help you eat it! :D :D :D

Yes, it is sweet. I don't usually seek out desserts, but when I do I like them to be sweet: baklava, honey soaked fried stuff, caramelized anything. I don't much like fruity desserts.

Sorry it didn't meet your expectations, but I really don't think it's sweeter than any other peanut butter and chocolate confection I've ever encountered. It is certainly less sweet than a Reese Peanut Butter cup or even an actual Butterfinger chocolate bar!

Try the other desserts next time. From what I've seen, they are all excellent here. :-)

2013 Jul 28
Fresh Foodies, when you said "Life is too short not to taste this", I ordered this. Sorry. Too sweet for my teeth. Good that I ordered one to try with my friends. They just said "It is okay".

2012 Dec 3
The butter finger dessert blew my mind. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, this might be the best dessert you ever eat. Life is too short not to taste this. The menu describes it as "peanut butter, white, milk & dark chocolate, graham cookie, chocolate anglaise" but those are just words. Totally addictive. The portion is way too big but you will eat and enjoy every last bite.

The apple-crumble cheesecake was very good and the honey-thyme whipped cream made it cool and unique. Beautiful presentation.



2014 Jan 26
The brunch here is, in a word, excellent. The options are characterized as small plates, and are offered individually at prices between $8-$14, or 2 for $20.

Pictured is the Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich which consists of a fried egg, cheddar, sausage, house pickles, spiced ketchup and is served with delicious crispy home fries. This thing was delicious - it was almost like a breakfast slider as the sausage patty was meaty and well seasoned. The biscuit had a nice sweetness to it which paired well with the savory egg, meat and cheese.

My girlfriend also had the Duck Fry up which is a scrambled egg dish with duck, mushrooms, snap peas, cherry tomato, scallion, fingerlings, crème fraîche, and herbs.

I also had the Polish potato soup which was topped with dill pickle, red peppers, and carrots.

Both were also very good with the duck fry up being especially outstanding. My only regret is that I didn't save room for dessert. We will certainly be back.

More pictures:

2012 Dec 14
Was lucky enough to have brunch here the other Saturday. I find it hard to find places offering brunch in the region on Saturdays (much easier on Sundays) so I was thrilled to discover that Gezillwig would be open on both Saturdays and Sundays.

The menu has a mixture of breakfast and lunch choices, we tried one of each and were not disappointed:
- A plate (actually it came in a shallow bowl) with scrambled eggs, two large pieces of chorizo, a fried polenta square, all topped with roasted tomato salsa, two pieces of grilled sourdough were on the side – at first I was not sure of the addition of such a spicy sausage on a breakfast plate but everything worked well together (I should have known!) and I enjoyed this dish very much
- Tagliatelle with a garlic cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and charred tomatoes – a perfect combination of flavours

They serve Bridgehead coffee which, although I use the beans at home, tasted much better while sitting in this attractive restaurant.

Highly recommend.

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2013 Aug 14
shrimp and grits is one of my favourites here. succulent shrimp, creamy grits, tasty bits of calamari and kale and highlight the wonderful housemade andouille sausage. Yum.