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2013 Jul 1
There is no doubt that Gezellig is a class act. As noted below, we were there last Thursday for lunch and enjpyed it very much but for the fact they were out of the butterfinger dessert. We had gone last Thursday for the specific reason that come Friday, due to surgery, I wasn't going to be able to go for a while. Unbeknownst to me, on Friday my husband called and asked if he could get a take-out order of the butterfinger dessert given the circumstances. Sure, they said, no problem. When he got there, they had two pieces packed up for us. When my husband went to pay, they refused payment and said it was on the house and that they hoped I have a speedy recovery. I had never had that particular dessert before and I join others here in saying it is one of the best desserts I have ever had. So from me to Steve Beckta and staff, you made me a very happy person that day. It really boosted my spirits and we look forward to dining at your restaurant again as soon as we are able.

2013 Jun 28
My family came to town from Montreal and we were looking for a treat for dinner. Gezellig did not disappoint. I've rarely been to a restaurant where each member of the family had a great meal.

I ordered the beef tartare. It took me a few bites before I enjoyed the dish, but once I combined the meat with the accompanying devilled egg, the dish made sense. Others ordered the spring assiette with poached egg. Everyone tried a bite of it and pronounced the dressing as among the best we had ever tried.

The restaurant generously offered to make a special dish for the vegetarian at the table. They went beyond the all too familiar grilled veggies and potato dish by presenting a dish composed of grits, corn croquettes, colourful veggies and truffle oil. I guess being a vegetarian in an upscale restaurant can sometimes work to one's advantage.

I ordered the grilled shrimp and popcorn grits. It came with a generous amount of shrimp which, unlike other restaurants, tasted as though they had just come off of the grill. Not to underplay the freshness of the clams and the squid, but the andouille sausage really tied the dish together - adding just the right amount of grease and spice. The greens and grits did a great job soaking up the grease from the sausage and the char from the grilled shrimps.

My grandmother, who always protests she can't finish her plate, finished her roast chicken breast even though she said it was too much for her. Enough said.

My mother and grandfather proclaimed the halibut to be one of the best fish dishes they have enjoyed in a long time. After sneaking a piece, I can readily support their enthusiasm. The waitress told us that the fish was prepared in its own juices. Fresh fish really doesn't need anything else, does it? Most importantly for halibut, it was moist and had just the right amount of chew to it.

Not that the rest of the meal was anything to scoff at, but dessert really stole the show, at least for my sister. She indulged in the "butter finger". If you haven't tried it yet, get going and try it - if you don't enjoy it, I'll gladly finish it for you. I'm a sucker for lemon anything but I'm frequently let down by lemon desserts. The lemon curd tart was just what I wanted it to be: not too sweet and tart enough to mean that restaurant used real lemons. The poppy seed jam provided texture and a nice contrast to the tart.

Of course, a good meal can often be ruined by poor service. Like the rest of the meal, the service shone - the waitress was accommodating and solicitous to a fault.

All I have to do now is convince my family to come back to Ottawa for a visit...

2013 Jun 27
Thanks to FF's write-up, we hustled off to Gezellig today for lunch. We had the fish cake in a red Thai curry cake which was excellent. the pork belly which was delicious although we found the meat a tad dry, a hamburger which was, well, a burg, nothing particularly remarkable but oh, my, those shrimp and grits. I will go to my grave dreaming of those shrimp and grits.

I wanted the butterfinger for dessert as I have not yet tried it but sadly, they were out of it. Maybe I will have some when I go back for the shrimp and grits...........

2013 Jun 26
What great photos freshfoodie. Thanks again for celebrating your birthday with us. I'm glad that we got you on our launch day of our new menu. Hope to be able to welcome you back (discreetly) for another celebration soon.

2013 Jun 26
Had a wonderful birthday lunch here yesterday. Truly top notch all around! Service was perfect, in true Beckta fashion.

Excellent Nat's Bread Company sourdough made for a wonderful starter and accompaniment on which to chew.

To drink, I had the Sangri-La, which was a nice gentle sangria rendition with berries that emphasized the wine.

They have switched to an "Any two small plates for $20" lunch menu format. The portions are generous for small plates, so two per person is just right.

The pork belly plate put a big smile on my face. Crispy glazed pork belly, apple cinnamon jam, pickled turnip and sesame salad, local mushrooms. Amazing!

The reuben sandwich was lovely. Incredibly tender sliced brisket. Mild flavours.

Shrimp and grits were everything they should be and more: creamy grits, three succulent grilled shrimp, a smattering of tender squid parts, a stack of luscious collards, and some great little chunks of andouille sausage.

My wife had mentioned in the reservation that it was my birthday and I have a love of the Butterfinger dessert, so our server brought this sinful slice to our table adorned with a small lit candle. I appreciated the low-key discreetness of this. :-)

2013 May 29
Hi Wharesdafood: I'm so sorry to hear about your over-seasoned burger and the small bones in your guest's braised rabbit dish. I really hope that you mentioned something to your server so you were at least not charged for something that you did not enjoy. I will certainly pass along these comments to the chef so we can make sure that this is in fact a one-off error on our part. I would love to have you back to turn this unfortunate experience around as well when time permits. My email is and I hope I can make another reservation for you personally and be able to make up for the things that were off on your first visit. Thank you very much for the feedback and for the kind words of support on what we do well in Ottawa.

All the best,


2013 May 28
I work close by to Gezellig and finally got a chance to stop by for Lunch with Colleagues. I am a big fan of Play and Beckta and really enjoy the quality of dining Steve brings to this city.

The service was professional, friendly and on a positive side our server was Bilingual.
Unfortunately, The food didn`t match up to my expectations. I ordered the House grind beef burger where all the ingredients worked together perfectly (truffled cream cheese, Pimento) but I couldn`t finish my burger since it was way over seasoned. I was so hungry but every bite I took, the saltiness of the patty was overpowering everything.

One of my colleague ordered the Braised Rabbit with garganelli pasta and she had trouble eating most of her dish since small pieces of bones from the rabbit was left in the dish. I mean, one or two small pieces is ok but she was putting the bones as she ate beside her dish and you could notice a small portion of bones.

I really hope this was just a bad day in the kitchen.

2013 May 23
I took my wife to Gezellig for her birthday. The service was exceptional - very kind, warm, engaged, hospitable... Steve was on the floor, he made an effort to check on things throughout the meal - nice!

I can't add much to what others have already said here, the food is really good - particularly the scallop appetizer and the butterfinger dessert. Wow! I'm not the hugest fan of peanut butter, but this was exceptional. The prices were also very reasonable for the quality of the food.

Another great experience at another Beckta run restaurant, he definitely knows the keys to success - amazing service, quality food and receptive/adapts to customer feedback. Quite the addition to the Westboro culinary landscape.

2013 May 22
We went with the kids and a friend to Gezellig for dinner on the weekend and while it seems unnecessary to heap more praise on the food, which was delicious as always, I did want to take a minute to comment on the service (particularly since Mr. Beckta is often on this site). From start to finish the service was excellent. My kids are not quite teens, polite but soft-spoken and while they have been to more restaurants than they can remember, they are still sadly not the most adventurous of eaters. The server (whose name I did not catch) treated them as if they were any other customer. She answered their questions, suggested a drink and food choices, gladly accomodated a special request for a pasta appetizer and engaged my younger daughter in a really nice conversation about the Butterfinger dessert. Both kids were so impressed that they made sure to remind me to give a generous tip for the "wonderful waitress".

I was also impressed with the rest of the servers, including the young woman who handles the bread service, and the fact that several servers brought the food to the table so that we were all served at once, even though we were seated upstairs. That last point seems like an obvious one, yet it is surprising how many restaurants get it wrong.

It is refreshing when a restaurant does the little things right and Gezellig does that!

2013 May 18
Honourable mention goes to cheesecake pot de crème, amaretto dried cherries vanilla bean, chocolate cornmeal crisp. Perfect texture and sweetness from the small bit I had to steal. Was expecting something cream brule like, so glad that was the farthest thing from the truth!

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2013 Oct 29
I had a lunch at Gezellig with my friends.
Our server was very Pleasant and Professional.
We enjoyed 2 for $20 deal.

I picked pork belly pappardelle
soft egg yolk, peas, grilling onions, baby kale, mint, green peppercorn : it was very delicious. I enjoyed mixing "almost uncooked soft egg yolk" and pasta together. It was very tasty.

cioppino stew
cod, mussels, squid, anchovy, tomato broth, fennel, fingerlings, Italian parsley : my friend from CA said it seems bit odd to see potatoes in cioppino, but over all it was nice stew.

I tried butterfinger : it was very tasty and has silky texture. I found it very sweet. I couldn't finish it so I took it home. I kinda wanted to eat with something that can neutralize my palate. Butter finger was served with soft meringue, but I think dry and crispy meringue with peanut dust would add more texture to the plate. over all, it was very nice dessert.

2013 Jul 29
Ashley, I'm sorry to hear that you found the Butterfinger dessert to be too sweet. Please contact me on your next visit so I can personally help you eat it! :D :D :D

Yes, it is sweet. I don't usually seek out desserts, but when I do I like them to be sweet: baklava, honey soaked fried stuff, caramelized anything. I don't much like fruity desserts.

Sorry it didn't meet your expectations, but I really don't think it's sweeter than any other peanut butter and chocolate confection I've ever encountered. It is certainly less sweet than a Reese Peanut Butter cup or even an actual Butterfinger chocolate bar!

Try the other desserts next time. From what I've seen, they are all excellent here. :-)

2013 Jul 28
Fresh Foodies, when you said "Life is too short not to taste this", I ordered this. Sorry. Too sweet for my teeth. Good that I ordered one to try with my friends. They just said "It is okay".

2012 Dec 3
The butter finger dessert blew my mind. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, this might be the best dessert you ever eat. Life is too short not to taste this. The menu describes it as "peanut butter, white, milk & dark chocolate, graham cookie, chocolate anglaise" but those are just words. Totally addictive. The portion is way too big but you will eat and enjoy every last bite.

The apple-crumble cheesecake was very good and the honey-thyme whipped cream made it cool and unique. Beautiful presentation.



2014 Jan 26
The brunch here is, in a word, excellent. The options are characterized as small plates, and are offered individually at prices between $8-$14, or 2 for $20.

Pictured is the Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich which consists of a fried egg, cheddar, sausage, house pickles, spiced ketchup and is served with delicious crispy home fries. This thing was delicious - it was almost like a breakfast slider as the sausage patty was meaty and well seasoned. The biscuit had a nice sweetness to it which paired well with the savory egg, meat and cheese.

My girlfriend also had the Duck Fry up which is a scrambled egg dish with duck, mushrooms, snap peas, cherry tomato, scallion, fingerlings, crème fraîche, and herbs.

I also had the Polish potato soup which was topped with dill pickle, red peppers, and carrots.

Both were also very good with the duck fry up being especially outstanding. My only regret is that I didn't save room for dessert. We will certainly be back.

More pictures:

2012 Dec 14
Was lucky enough to have brunch here the other Saturday. I find it hard to find places offering brunch in the region on Saturdays (much easier on Sundays) so I was thrilled to discover that Gezillwig would be open on both Saturdays and Sundays.

The menu has a mixture of breakfast and lunch choices, we tried one of each and were not disappointed:
- A plate (actually it came in a shallow bowl) with scrambled eggs, two large pieces of chorizo, a fried polenta square, all topped with roasted tomato salsa, two pieces of grilled sourdough were on the side – at first I was not sure of the addition of such a spicy sausage on a breakfast plate but everything worked well together (I should have known!) and I enjoyed this dish very much
- Tagliatelle with a garlic cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and charred tomatoes – a perfect combination of flavours

They serve Bridgehead coffee which, although I use the beans at home, tasted much better while sitting in this attractive restaurant.

Highly recommend.

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2013 Aug 14
shrimp and grits is one of my favourites here. succulent shrimp, creamy grits, tasty bits of calamari and kale and highlight the wonderful housemade andouille sausage. Yum.