Asian Supercentre (Orleans) [Food/Vendor]

2011 Aug 28
There will be a new Asian (Chinese) grocery supermarket opening in the Orleans area (10th Line Rd ... the old Canadian Tire location). It's slated to be open in the late fall. For the last couple of months there's a sandwich board that has been advertising for hired help. I, for one, can't wait for it to open. Will mean not having to drive across town to T&T supermarket. While not as big as T&T ... appears to be about 2/3rd the size of T&T. Last week, the signage was put up, large red Chinese characters 盛隆泰大超市 ... in English it's called Asian Supercentre (not a translation of the Chinese name).

When it opens ... I will update it here.

2012 May 12
nothing says "cheap" better than prominent use of watermarked ("shutterstock") photos. :)

2013 May 13
Evicted for failure to pay rent...