Where to get Soy Milk

2006 Dec 29
After claiming that I won't drink soy milk because of the "soy controversy," I gave in to curiosity and picked up a carton of So Nice vanilla soy beverage. The freaky thing is that I absolutely love it!

I had tried soy milk before, but that was at least 10 years ago. Now my tastes have changed and I quite like the actual flavour of soy. With the addition of sugar and vanilla, I'm drinking something that tastes (at least to me) better than chocolate milk, better than eggnog, and might even give a vanilla milkshake a run for its money!

So what now? Do I ignore the health warnings in favour of hedonism and make soy milk a part of my daily diet? Or should I pretend I never tried it and just forget about the whole thing? I'm leaning towards buying it every few weeks as a "sometimes treat." :-)

2008 Oct 4
3 brands offered (when i checked)
plain sweetened, unsweetened, and black sesame

none of them are labelled as GMO-free

either suck it up, or pay extra at other shops, i suppose.

2007 Feb 28
New 168 Market carries few brands of Soy milk in different container size (plastic or carton type), with or without sugar. I bought the "Sun Rise" brand from Toronto.

Depending on the time of the day, I drink it cold or hot (heat up using microwave oven). Warm soy milk doesn't taste good though.

Some people have reaction to Soy Milk. I must not have drunk soy milk for a while. I have been "farting" loud at home ever since I drank few glasses of soy milk. My husband has asked me to stop drinking soy milk already.