This is a small take-out sushi restaurant in Hull on Promenade du Portage, across the street from the government complexes. There are some seats, but the service is mainly for take-out or delivery. There are pre-made boxes available, but it's best to call ahead to custom order.

Fuji Sushi Express
Fuji Sushi Express
Foods from Fuji Sushi Express

2014 Jan 13
Having been here a few times, I would say that ordering from the menu and waiting for the rolls to be made is worth it. It is a lot better than the ready made take out packages.

Pictured is the ebi maki (shrimp with avocado and spicy mayo) and a avocado roll. It came with a large miso soup. Is this all as good as Umi Café? No. It is above average and a decent lunch option for the Promenade du Portage strip and better than any of the Portage food court options? Yes!!!

I had a different set of rolls the last time I went and I would recommend something with salmon.

Service is attentive. There are few seats so either go alone or with only one other friend.

2011 Jun 9
Ordered take out for dinner at Fuji sushi a few nights ago and my experience was ok. I ordered a Tuna Tartar Maki which was $7:50, a crab Hossomaki @ $4.50 and a miso soup.

The Tuna Tartar Maki was pretty tasty – but it was composed mostly of tempura – so in this regard, the tempura tasted good. There were a few large pieces of tuna inside the Maki. When I tasted the tuna in isolation from the tempura, it was fresh tasting and rather delicious. It was disappointing to see the Maki taken out of the fridge and not made to order.

The crab hossomaki (crab, green onion, spicy mayo) was weak. It was rather bland and I didn’t see any green onions. Meh.

The miso soup was ok.

I was really disappointed with the wasabi. It had an off taste and I did not feel it in my sinus cavities. :(

This meagre meal was 14 dollars before tax, which I think is a very poor value. One can get quite a lot of sushi for 12-14 dollars elsewhere.

I will be back considering the fact – as Nanook below has mentioned – that it is open until 8 o’clock and Fuji sushi is a much better option than Pizza Italie, MacDonald’s, 1 for 1 or La Patate Doree... Next time, I will choose different menu items.

2010 Nov 25
Almost three years after my first visit I am so happy to see that this place is still thriving. Absolutely delicious rolls compared to the crap I've been eating while away from the office for several months. Their Futomaki rolls are delicious. Such a great combination of flavours and textures. Delicious.

2008 Jun 12
One of the best things about Fuji Sushi is that it's open until 8 pm. Most of the other 'fast food' places near Place du Portage/Place du Centre close between 4 or 5 pm, and some even earlier.

Tonight I ordered:
- Tropical Hossomaki (8 small pieces of mango & cream cheese roll)
- Montreal Maki (8 medium pieces of Smoked Salmon, Avocado and cream cheese roll)
- Salmon Nigiri (2 pieces)
- Vegetarian Hossokmaki (5 pieces of boston lettuce, cucumber, avocado, egg and tempura).

All for $17. And ready in an hour. Good sized pieces and tasted great!

2008 Apr 22
I love this place. It's the best sushi I've ever eaten... (mind you i've never had "real" sushi in vancouver or anything). Thank goodness I work across the street from it.

Try the "Macadam" roll. Oh.. baby... macadamia nuts, boston lettuce, shrimp, honey.. a few other bits of yummyness. Drool.

The "Frany Tropicale" roll I have nicknamed the orgasm roll.

It's such a fabulous place! Not to mention it's locally owned and operated!

2008 Apr 11
I have had Fuji sushi twice now and today I called ahead to order to see what other items on the menu are like. It's relatively extensive for a small take out place, with the focus on Futomakis (big combination specialty rolls) and makis.

I ordered Syake Nigiri (salmon nigiri), Kamikaze au Saumon (Salmon, avocoado, cucumber, spicy mayo, masago, tempura) and Salmon Tartar Maki (salmon, green onion, rice, mayo and tempura wrapped in boston lettuce). Apparently it was a salmon day!

It's freshly made and great quality. There are several sushi chefs onsite and it cost less than $15 with a coke. Very reasonable. I should've ordered another roll!


2014 Sep 23
ate here today for lunch. The service was fast and freindly and the sushi was tasty! The menu design was a definite plus, as it clearly indicated vegetarian and gluten-free options. They have the menus laminated, so you can check off which sushis you would like right on the menu. After they deliver your order, they wipe them clean for the next customers. Very clever!