Go Gi Ya is a Korean fried chicken place located at 155 Bank between Slater and Laurier.

Go Gi Ya
Go Gi Ya
Go Gi Ya
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May 16
Picked up a late lunch today, boneless fried chicken lunch ($13.50 tax-in) and some japchae ($4.50 tax-in).

The generous portion of chicken is indeed delicious, crispy, with a welcome kiss of heat; they offer a sweet+spicy sauce and a soy-based sauce as add-ons. The quick-pickled radish and carrot were also just right as a refresher between hunks of chicken. While the puffy noodles beneath the chicken are edible, I imagine their job is to absorb humidity/oil and keep the chicken from crowding the container and losing its crispness.

The japchae was good and simple, and I think the serving would be plenty shareable for two at lunch.

May 15
Went here for lunch today, and the fried chicken is sold as a lunchtime thing, at $11.99 (Not bad for the amount you get).

Weirdly, it's named on the signs as B.O.N.E.L.E.S.S

So, I have no idea what it's an acronym for. But what I do know is that it was delicious. The breading was super crisp, and had some heat in it seasoning wise, which elevated it. The chicken was dark meat and was really juicy.

The styrofoam noodles underneath weren't really my favourite, but the small container of coleslaw was super good and a palate cleanser.

I am def going back, having a bottle of soju, and trying the k-bowl.

May 13
Last Friday I went for lunch with a colleague at Go Gi Ya. It is a Korean fried chicken place recommended by another coworker who had been for lunch the week before for a soft opening. He said it was so new they were taking cash only since they didn't have any interact/credit card machines for payment and a fridge was even being delivered while he was there. (EDIT: they now have an interact/credit card machine.)

When we arrived we were directed to the cash at the back of the restaurant to place our order and pay. When our meals were ready we were called back to the cash then made our way to our table.

The menu is posted above the cash and it is pretty short. Three types of k-bowls are available - beef, chicken, and spicy pork - as well as chicken teriyaki and a bento box. I ordered a spicy pork k-bowl and my dining companion ordered the chicken teriyaki. My meal came with noodles, rice, tons of spicy pork, a dumpling, and kimchi. Everything was delicious. My dining companion's chicken teriyaki came with a generous portion of rice and veggies but not much chicken. Although I was happy with my meal and I look forward to returning, my friend was disappointed with her meal due to the small amount of chicken that came with her meal. Our meals came to $10 taxes included. I realized after I did not see any fried chicken on the menu but I noticed the fried chicken menu posted in the window on the way in. Oh well, now I will have to go back ;) I hope they consider adding it to the menu above the cash though. All in all the food and service were great despite the hiccups. It's a new business and I imagine the staff will sort things out as time goes on.