Korean Fried Chicken at Table SODAM
Korean Fried Chicken at The Fry
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Korean Fried Chicken at The Fry
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Korean Fried Chicken at Table 85
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2017 Jul 27
Here is a picture of the original flavour fried chicken. It tastes very good. I prefer the sweet and spicy but this held its own.

2016 Aug 17
The KFC here is widely recognized to be the best in town. I was impressed with the flavour, texture, and generous portion!

Pictured here is the "sweet and spicy" version. This is probably the more popular one, but I find it just too sweet so I prefer the "sweet and soy" (which isn't really sweet at all).

Great stuff!


2019 Mar 20
Delicious!!! Weirdly, the boxes just sit open on a trolley...

2018 Jul 19
Had a morning appointment in the south end so I stopped by on my way back to grab some fried chicken for lunch. They didn't have any plain ready (it was maybe 11:20am), but some of the sweet & spicy was just coming out of the kitchen. Lovely hunks of bird double-fried in crispy batter, sauced in sweet, spicy, sticky sauce.

Easily as good or better than what you can get at The Fry on Elgin, for considerably cheaper ($12.98 versus $19.99). I'll definitely go back.

2015 May 6
They announced this dish on their www.facebook.com page last night, so I couldn't resist going for lunch today! Spicy and sweet Korean fried chicken: Dakgangjeong (닭강정). The internet tells me that the difference between dakgangjeong and yangnyeom is that the latter contains gochujang. Well, even if there was no gochujang this was a tasty dish... lots of garlic in the sauce and green onions on top!

This was a delicious pile of crispy boneless chunks of fried chicken tossed in a sweet and somewhat spicy sauce. It came with a portion of rice for $13+tax. While I was waiting, they brought me a nice little plate with three pieces of gimbap. Really nice touch!

2018 Sep 8
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Korean fried chicken. On one hand, I absolutely love crunchy-crispy fried chicken and Korean food in general; on the other hand, I don't like savoury dishes that are sweet.

We opted for the Boneless Green Onion Chicken (Small, $22) thinking that it wouldn't have a sweet sauce. Unfortunately it did. So I'd get this again but I'd request the sauce on the side. I did ask for hot sauce and that added a nice bit of oomph.

The chicken itself was luxuriously crunchy on the outside and moist inside. It was topped with generous clumpy curls of shredded scallions. The sauce kind of ruined it for me but that's a case of caveat emptor.

This small portion was absolutely huge! The menu says it serves 2-3 people and they clearly mean 3 hungry people or 2 absolute piggies like us (me). There were at least 12 chunks, all of them significantly larger than bite sized. The value here is very good.

2018 Jan 10
Spicy fried chicken hit all the right notes - sticky, fried, crunchy, spicy, delicious. Also shared the spicy rice cakes and some fries which were both fine but it's all about the chicken.

2014 Sep 24
This looks absolutely yummy!

2014 Sep 20
Of course I had the Korean-style Fried Chicken with sweet-spicy sauce (yangnyeom/양념) $16. I love that the generic Korean word for fried chicken is simply the English word chicken written phonetically in Hangul: 치킨.

There were several sides to choose from; the server recommended rice, as it would soak up the sauce and cut the sweet and spice. This turned out to be necessary as the sauce was verrry sweet; I would prefer less sugar and more spice. The heaping pile of boneless chicken was crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside, and delectable throughout. Next time, I'll ask for the sauce on the side (for dipping) and a little extra chili sauce. And beer, definitely beer! :D

2017 Oct 9
The KFC offerings here are either crispy wings or boneless Crispy Crunchy Chicken chunks ($8.85 plus extra for sauce, either sweet-spicy or honey-soy). This time, I went with the boneless chunks. As I don't love the sweetness of the sauces I went for the unsauced option, which works out to $10 even after tax.

This is effectively a premium popcorn chicken. The price is pretty high but the quality matches. Succulent, savoury, and impossibly crispy. I had just this for lunch and while it wasn't a lot of food it kept me going for the afternoon.

2018 Nov 17
The KFC here is legendary so I had to try it! You choose either Sweet & Spicy or Sweet & Soy for your chicken and then a side of either Cheese Corn or Linguine Alfredo.

I went with the Sweet & Soy and the Cheese Corn. The chicken itself is fantastic: juicy, crunchy, and huge in portion. I'm not so keen on the sauces though... the Sweet & Soy is less sweet than the Sweet & Spicy but it's still too sweet for my taste. The Sweet & Spicy is inedibly jam-like for my aging palate.

As for the Cheese Corn, that was pretty good, although the corn itself was mixed into a thick cream cheese-like sauce that made the whole thing way too rich.

Contrary to most other opinions I've read, I'm giving the edge to The Fry for this dish. Perhaps not for authenticity but for my personal taste. They offer the option of more savoury chicken sauces and their cheese corn tastes less rich and is baked with a nice layer of cheese on top.