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2016 Aug 21
Had a stellar meal here the other night. To begin, what a renovation! I was floored with the redesign of this space. Very swank, sharp, and comfortable banquettes. Our servers were excellent, attentive, present and accommodating. We started with the halloumi, falafel and hummus "grazing" plates. The halloumi and hummus stood out as excellent, well balanced and delicious. The hummus had shredded lamb, crispy chick peas and some amazing olive oil and herbs that added that herbaceous, vegetal counterbalance. The lamb was succulent and tender, a nice meaty addition. The halloumi had a generous amount of pistachios and I think sour cherry compote, and a black sesame "dust". The falafel was overcooked, despite the texture it tasted quite good and the sumac pickled onions and dilly tahini sauce were a great addition.
We split the lamb loin with pomegranate molasses and cauliflower "couscous" with sautéed bitter greens (chard? I forget) and grilled eggplant. Phenomenal, perfectly cooked and seasoned. Definitely enough food for two after having eaten a few small plates beforehand.
I had the tahini ice cream bar with caramel and popcorn afterwards with a Turkish coffee - whoa, what a way to go out. That ice cream was unbelievable. So good, nice and creamy and sweet and salty.
Beautiful space, attentive service, great food. Highly recommend. Really looking forward to watching this restaurant develop and grow.
Note on Accessibility: Accessibility would be an issue, stairs to the door, and bathrooms are in the basement.