The Shawagon is a shawarma wagon offering new and healther fast food options.

Located in Ottawa on Besserer near Rideau.

Owned and Operated locally with plans to expand to other parts of the city and province. For business opportunities, call 613-863-2660.

Foods from Shawagon


2010 Jun 7
Robert, we thank you so much for your input. Without people like you we would have nothing to use to better ourselves.

When you came to us we were right on Rideau Street and had been in a large battle with a food premise next to us. We only open the wagon that Saturday, closed Sunday reopened Monday and the battle God, city councilors, Ottawa Police and by-law officers as well were sent to us to try to force us to leave! If we remember correctly we got shut down by that Thursday or Friday. We were a few feet too close and we really didn't think we were that much of a threat to that food premise, with it been such a well recognized one. So much for fair competition eh!

None the less, we want to thank Inspector Jackie Munday who actually brought her measuring tape out to make sure we would have no more problems with that food premise again. It almost took 3 weeks before we were in an ok location.

We had to move to the back of the lot on Besserrer, you can still see us off Rideau and we're ok with that.

The wagon has been a dream of ours (my kids and myself) for the last 3 years and we really really need input, especially from a shawarma connoisseur like yourself. You seem to have tried many shawarmas and your input would be very important to us.

Again thank you Robert and hopefully in the future you can come back and help us perfect our shawarma….


2010 May 5
Oh the Shawagon.... With my love for shawarma and the severe deficiency of interesting chip truck/street vendors in Ottawa, I was practically praying for this place to be great.

The man behind the window was really polite and friendly. The shawarma price was extremely reasonable at 4 bucks flat. I ordered an all dressed sandwich and he promptly carved it off the spit and handed it to me.

Unfortunately, the shawarma was the king of bland. He said he had put garlic and hummus on it, however I didn't even taste it. I knew it was on the shawarma because I had bad garlic breath after. There were turnips and pickles that were not very sour and thus added nothing to the overall taste of the sandwich.

The chicken was nice and moist, lean but totally flavorless. All in all I was sadly disappointed because my taste buds were not corresponding to the nice looking, fresh shawarma I had in my hand.

Sorry Shwagon, I really hoped that you'd impress me, but alas, you have much work to do before your Shawarma tastes like it should.

1/5, Robert