Smoked Sausages at Stolichni Deli
Perogies at Stolichni Deli
Chocolate at Stolichni Deli
Chocolate at Stolichni Deli
Stolichni Deli
Foods from Stolichni Deli

2018 Mar 19
When this store opened up, the owner tried to make an effort, it was a difference from the other Russian store where the food was often expired. Unfortunately, it's no longer the case. Whatever happened to the store, the staff is now young and rude, the food is oftentimes expired, and the old tradition of giving candy to the kids is forgotten - does it seem to the owner he will make money by saving on the candy? Very unpleasant experience.

2009 Feb 2
Hey FF ... glad to see you have found and enjoyed The Stolichni Deli. I hope my reccomendation for finding sprats did it.

I just love the place.

Best things I got from there are:

1) Cold Smoked Pork Tenderloin
2) Polish made cheeses (cheaper than Black Diamond/Kraft per Kg. and WAYYYY better)
3) Uncooked black currant preserve/jam. A mouthful of summer in every taste. (not cheap though)
4) Smoked Whitefish (I'm not a big Smoked Sturgen fan)
5) BC Caviar in bulk
6) Loose Polish and Russian Candy. Even if it's just for the cute wrappers.
7) Jam filled gingerbread cookies. I think they're called Pierniczki.
8) An array of E.Wedel Chocolate products from Warsaw. Yumm Yumm Yumm.

And I once got a translation of a Russian News Broadcast from the store clerk. There was a TV near the cash register that had a Russian channel on.

The news report was on the fighting in Bhagdad when the Americans went in looking for weapons of mass destruction. Boy oh boy was the news reported differently from say CNN/NBC/CBS and even CBC. Learned a lot of 'Media Literacy' that day.

(Hey FF ... If you like ethnic food stores like this one, did you ever try The Mid-East Food Centre ? The Stolichni Deli is to Russia and Eastern Europe as The Mid-East food Centre is to Lebanon and The Middle East.)

2009 Jan 31
This place is near my house and I have been there a few times. They have a great selection of perogies in the up right freezers. A little pricey but very tasty.

I have been eyeing up the jarred mushrooms, next time.

They also have a huge assortment of smoked fish in their deli case. Smoked mackeral was definately there- but all of the other names were in Russian so, I have no idea what the others were.

2009 Jan 31
This is a large store featuring an impressive deli counter stocked with a fascinating array of sausages and smoked/dried fish. The shelves are full of Slavic goodies, including the largest selection of pickled mushrooms I've ever seen.

The other customers seemed to speak Russian but the employees made me feel welcome anyway. I'm eager to do a little research and then return to sample some of their deli counter fare.

On this trip I picked up some cans of Sprats, a jar of assorted pickled mushrooms (inc. straw, boletus, oyster, and some little orange ones), a can of mackerel, some excellent Lebkuchen, and some interesting cookies that were like a sweet vanilla-flavoured bread, baked dark, then dipped into a sugar glaze. I'm a sucker for ethnic stores of any kind and this is no exception. A fun place to shop!


2016 Oct 28
Finally picked up a couple of sausages to try from here and they're fantastic! The long ones on the left are very much like what I know as European wieners, Frankfurters, or Wienerli.

The stubby ones on the right are similar to Knackwurst but even closer to the fabled Cervelat I've been seeking for so long! Thanks to juzy for suggesting I try here so long ago -- they must just have been out of supply the other time.

The lady behind the counter told me the long ones are pork and the short ones are veal. Both are utterly delicious! I think they were $13.99/kg.

2009 Feb 28
Thanks for the tip, juzy, but when I asked about Servelat at Stolichni they showed me a firm, ready-to-eat heterogeneous sausage (like this: This is the salami-style summer sausage that shares the name but is nothing like the Knackwurst-style Swiss Cervelat I'm looking for.

That said, they did have some excellent looking veal sausages (available in two sizes). I bought four small ones to take home. Haven't tried them yet but they smell deliciously smokey!

2009 Feb 27
Try in Russian groceries. In Russian, it's called "Servelat" (pronounced "serve-a-lut").

2280 Carling Ave.

1127 Baxter Rd.

2014 Aug 19
Please report back on how you liked them.

2014 Aug 19

Lots of choice.
Many styles and prices.

2009 Apr 18
Captain C - Thanks for sharing the wrappers... beyond finding great foods, sometimes finding unique things that are associated with food is just as interesting... you've peaked my interest, maybe I'll check this place out.

2009 Apr 18
Another 'cute' candy wrapper.

They have a version of "Little Red Riding Hood".

I was the 'Big Bad Wolf' woofing down the little red riding hood (candy).

2009 Apr 11
Got some Russian made (individually wrapped) chocolates from this deli yesterday.

Not the 'top shelf' stuff ya can get from Belgium .. but for the price and uniqueness, they ain't too shabby.

Notice the picture of the 'courting couple' and the soldier. These images must be from before the cold war.

2009 Jan 31
Available for $2.69 per can. Unlike the ones Loblaws used to sell, these have Cyrillic labels. The only English is on a white label stuck to the bottom of the can. Aside from that, they are an identical product.