Smoked Sausages at Stolichni Deli
Smoked Sausages at Costco
Where to get Smoked Sausages


2016 Oct 28
Finally picked up a couple of sausages to try from here and they're fantastic! The long ones on the left are very much like what I know as European wieners, Frankfurters, or Wienerli.

The stubby ones on the right are similar to Knackwurst but even closer to the fabled Cervelat I've been seeking for so long! Thanks to juzy for suggesting I try here so long ago -- they must just have been out of supply the other time.

The lady behind the counter told me the long ones are pork and the short ones are veal. Both are utterly delicious! I think they were $13.99/kg.


2008 Jun 7
I tried their Smoked Sausages and they were the very good, dense kind. Best grilled or simmered, sliced with a sharp knife, and enjoyed with sauerkraut and potatoes. They also had Garlic Smoked Sausages and Farmer's Sausage that looked promising but I didn't try them.

2010 Apr 14
I tried these out yesterday. For anyone from Manitoba used to Winkler (Winkler)(Shantzenfeld)/Altona (Pioneer) farmer sausage these are an interesting alternative. They are a bit fattier that a tradition farmer sausage and have a maple flavouring (not overly strong).

2010 Mar 27
Just tried these excellent Double Smoked Farmer's Sausages from Costco ($11.39 for a 1.5 kg package containing 8 giant sausages). I warmed them over charcoal until their skins became lightly crispy and the results were great. They are very meaty and not noticeably greasy. Half a sausage would be a sufficient portion for most people.

They come from Harvest Meats ( in Saskatchewan.