Serving Haitian and Canadian Food. Opened September 2016.

Margo Caribbean and Canadian Restaurant
Margo Caribbean and Canadian Restaurant
Margo Caribbean and Canadian Restaurant
Foods from Margo Caribbean and Canadian Restaurant


2016 Dec 10
Got the tasty fried chicken with rice and peas combo in medium size which cost under $10.00. Not pictured: the tomato flavoured dipping sauce for the chicken which has got Swiss Chalet's stuff beat by a mile. The cabbage pickle is outstanding, with lots of chili heat and a salty/sour taste. When I walked in the grandma doing food-prep in the kitchen looked up from her work, then smiled and waved; yes, it's that kind of place.

2016 Oct 22
I got the medium beef stew with rice and peas for takeout. Even though both items and accompaniments were different than what SushiStevie got, it was still a delicious meal for a little under 10 dollars. The guy working at the front was super nice, but they were a bit disorganized and still setting up the food counter when I dropped in at noon on a Saturday.

2016 Sep 19
Stopped in hoping for some great Caribbean now that Flavours is gone.

The menu is a mix of traditional Haitian fare (no Jerk here!) as well as Canadian items like wings and poutine, but I suspect that's to bring in the Student crowd.

Since they had just opened a couple days before we asked what was best to try and weren't disappointed.

Dinner for 2 around $20

They have 2 kinds of Rice, Rice with sauce (plain white rice with a tasty blackbean sauce) and a Rice with Peas (Beans and spices). Both were tasty. The fried chicken was quite good, lightly seasoned and not too dry, & came with a slightly spicy oily dipping sauce. The beef which was a sort of stew was really delicious (some nice spices going on) and a great blend of melt in your mouth beef and other vegetables that had become unidentified by the stewing process. Nothing was overly spicy but there defiantly was an edge of heat. Both dishes came with a nice fresh container of spicy pickled coleslaw type garnish.

Great eats for the value if you are looking for a good casual take-out style fare kind of place.

All of the food was pre-made and served from a steaming table, but everything that we tried still tasted nice and fresh! also not waiting was great because I was starving. Lets see how they do in the location.

I hope to go back again soon and see if they have ironed out some of the opening hiccups!