Pizza located on Carling in the same block as Shogun Japanese. Parking in the back.

Small Subway-esque seating area. Mostly takeout.

Check out all of the pizza related cartoons taped on the wall.

Foods from Georgie's Pizza

2013 Jan 24
I have been a customer for over ten years and their pizza has gone down hill big time recently. Also, watch out because they now charge for delivery. Their new menu says that a delivery charge "may" apply, but they don't say how or when. My last order for a medium combination (with salami)was over $23! Then they charged a $1 for delivery. I live down the street!


2014 Aug 25
The subs from here are among my favorite subs: Warm, foil wrapped & toasted in the pizza oven.

2011 Feb 22
Georgies subs are pizza-oven baked, foil-wrapped, and come in full 12" and 8" lengths.

While I like their pizza (and especially their cheese budget), more often than not I'm eating a sub here.

2014 Aug 25
Georgies pizza isn't cheap. In addition, the medium->large price gap is pretty small.

However, they do not spare the cheese at all. You get a lake of mozza, with toppings & burning hot sauce under it.

2009 May 28
I ordered Pizza here last week and it was great. Hot and ready in 20mins. Really, nice crust not too thick.

Lots of toppings and tasty sauce.

They have other items such as subs etc on the menu.

I made the mistake of ordering a shrimp basket as well. Horrible little frozen breaded shrimp and frozen fries which ended up getting thrown out. Pizza Pizza actually has good breaded shrimp-surprise.

Big thumbs up for the pizza.