From the 42 Fine Foods website:

"We founded 42 Crichton Street Fine Foods on what we consider to be fundamental principles of sustainability and good living:
Create delicious, innovative food using seasonal ingredients
Support local farmers and producers by using mostly locally sourced ingredients
Treat our co-workers and our customers with respect"

"located in a 150 year old building in the heart of Ottawa’s New Edinburgh neighbourhood... building was in its early days, a much loved neighbourhood grocery store."

"beautifully appointed studio kitchen... encourage an ongoing conversation between the kitchen staff, customers and the farmers and producers who drop by with their deliveries."

"fridges and one freezer contain imaginative gourmet dishes for your lunch and dinner."

"we employ and respect classic culinary technique, we are passionate about what we do and absolutely do not stand on ceremony... committed to being a conduit to reconnect our neighbourhood to our producers"

Foods from 42 Crichton Street Fine Foods


2011 Nov 22
Have dropped in here several times for lunch and have always been pleased. My last visit I choose the vegetarian – a very substantial sandwich (on Art-Is-In Dynamite White) which had a great mixture of fresh vegetables and cooked potatoes – sounds a bit weird but the combo really worked and easily kept me satisfied until later in the evening!

They offer a mixture of sandwiches and more substantial fare (fresh and frozen) for supper. Unfortunately they have stopped their lunch service for the season as they will be focusing on dinner and tasting menus in the winter.

This is a small space – “eating in” is not an option (in the summer they have some chairs outside). However they are located very close to the Governor General’s grounds so it is lovely in the nice weather to get take out and have a picnic at the GGs - although I realize this is probably not an option for another 7 months now!