Foods from Pipers Diner


2012 May 14
OSoloMeal Thanks for the review. I guess my last trip to St. Laurent was longer ago than I thought. I suspect they may not have had enough time to renovate betweeen the time Rockin' Johnny's closed and Pipers opened... It's always nice reading a well-balanced review so I may tie in a trip next time I am in the neighbourhood.

2012 May 14
In contrast to the below i've had two entirely pleasant brunches at Pipers in the last couple of weeks, most recently early May 2012, Sunday around 1pm'ish.

I thought they had done a nice job redecorating from the Johnny's days. The floor was a bit rough but when we mentioned the decore the waitress mentioned they were redoing it shortly.

Food was good. Not -blow-me-away- awesome like Art-Is-In or original/tasty like Stoneface, but in terms of the staples, no complaints, good quality, good portions.

The egg white omlette didn't taste like eggwhite, which is always the key. Ingredients were modified without a blink.

Pancakes were good. Tasted like they were just made, not sitting around waiting to be rewarmed.

Club sandwich was actually very good - close to John's level.

Fries and taters seemed to be from frozen but the better version, not the cardboard cheap stuff. Fine for what they were.

Service was friendly, coffee and water refilled frequently.

Will go back, will send others.Won't necessarily make a trip across town for this place, but if i was nearby i would go back without hesitation.

2012 May 14
Okay thanks! I guess I haven't been out that way in awhile then-;)

2012 May 14
It's in the old Rocking Johnny's Diner location.

2012 May 14
Only two reviews of this place and both negative so maybe the resto really is that dirty and the food that bad. So, wondering where this place is, I checked google street view and the address led me to Rockin' Johnny's Diner. I shop at St. Laurent shoppping centre often enough and visit the discount places after (Food Basics, Winners, Dollarama, etc.) and don't recall seeing any Pipers Diner in the area. Does anyone know if it changed hands (ie - used to be Pipers but now Rockin' Johnny's) or maybe I missed Pipers altogether on my trips up St. Laurent?

2012 May 13
This has to be the worst restaurant to eat at. Food was not edible at all, kids didnt even want to eat, food was cold, pancakes could of played hockey with them, restaurant was dirty should of being my first sign to just leave.

2012 Apr 6
Absolutely disgusting restaurant.

I came here for breakfast on Good Friday. It wasn't very busy.

For starters, the floor is disgustingly dirty; it's as though the floor hasn't been swept or mopped for months.

I ordered the eggs benedict. The menu suggested that I got a side of meat, a fruit cup and baked beans on the side. When I received the actual dish, all I received were potatoes and the eggs benedict. The potatoes weren't even fresh; they were of the frozen variety. This dish cost me $12.

I was stumped because I asked questions about the dish prior to ordering and the server gave me the impression that all the above-mentioned sides were coming with it.

My partner ordered the vegetarian fritata. It was just a mishmash of awful cheese, some veggies and styrofoam-like eggs. It was also extremely bland.

The service was atrocious. The waitress did not come by at all during the meal to see if everything was okay.

I honestly believe this restaurant should not be in business.