Serving Burgers, Poutine, Fries, Hot Dogs and Shakes, as well as a Chinese Canadian Menu.

Poutine at Chips and Dairy Fast Food
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2012 Aug 9
I'm not sure what's going on with Chips and Dairy, but I went back for another round of Poutine (2+ years later) and was sorely disappointed. The fries were soggy, dark, burnt-tasting and very greasy -- meaning, moreso than you'd expect from french fries.

The gravy was gloopy, thick, and very unappetizing. The amount of curd was greatly decreased from my prior visits to Chips and Dairy.

The highlight was, sadly, my vanilla soft-serve cone. Delicious as before...but the disappointing poutine experience is causing me to reverse my +1 for CAD and instead, I'm giving it a thumbs-down. :(

2011 Nov 5
I have been going to chips and dairy for several years. They have very delicious poutine and milkshakes, as the name implies. The place is always packed, but there is pretty decent amount of seating in the restaurant.

What else they do have, is the city's most delicious chinese food! That is, western-style chinese food. Today we ordered general tao's chicken (the most delicious!), imperial chicken and the special house rice. Everything here is always delicious, fresh and oh-so-tasty. I can't wait until I go again!

2010 Feb 25
I was surprised to see that Chips & Dairy was not on the vendors list, seeing as it's been around for a while and, from my understanding, has a bit of a cult following from South-enders.

It's right across the street from the former Dairy King, and, according to their menu, is owned by the same people.

Space: There is nothing special about the location itself; parking is located at the back and as such you enter at the order counter with a menu board on your other side. It's easier to just grab a take-out menu to decide what you want.

The dining area is always very clean and sparse; condiments are usually just lined up as you're entering the space, so you can grab them as you're preparing to sit. The space by the counter is small, so I've always chosen to sit and wait for them to call out the order when it's done.

Service: As far as I can tell, there is no table service at Chips & Dairy. You place your order, the staff in the kitchen (on average, I've counted four people back there at a time) make your food and package it up in completely non-eco-friendly styrofoam containers, and you can either stay or go. Service is quick, efficient and rarely with a smile, but this is a fast food joint and not a fine dining establishment by any means.

I called once for delivery (which I've been told they do) and got the rudest person on the phone who actually hung up on me. I must be a glutton for punishment, because I went in anyway...but I don't find them to be overly rude in person.

Menu: The menu is in two parts; there are traditional burger shake items like hamburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes and fries, and there are a number of Chinese-Canadian dishes and combos. It's easy to read and not complicated in the slightest.

Food: I always get a vanilla milkshake and a regular poutine (it is called Chips & Dairy, so I figure...I might as well go for their namesakes). The milkshake is fine, nothing amazing or mindblowing; there is no whipped cream and cherry on top, but the shake is thick and sweet and not in that gross, McD's corn-syrupy way.

The poutine is a true highlight - the portion is huge (I find the large to be a bit scary), and they give you a decent portion of St. Albert's curds, covered in a nice brown gravy. The real specialty is, of course, the chips intact, crispy and golden, they stand up well to the gravy and are the perfect length for spearing and eating by the mouthful.

My sister-in-law had the cheeseburger once and was not overly was pretty standard fast food-style, not the thick and delicious type you'd see at a higher-end burger shack (like Dick's) and came undressed. Personally, I'll stick to the chips and to the dairy and leave it at that.

Overall: It's quick, it's dirty, and it's decent fast food. If the chip stands are closed and you're looking for fries that are reminiscent of a sunny day outside, I'd recommend Chips & Dairy if you're in the neighbourhood!


2018 Aug 6
Fries are crisp and stand up well to the gravy and they don't skimp on the curds. Gravy is your standard chip truck sorta gravy. They go heavy on the gravy so ask for half gravy to avoid a poutine soup...unless that's what you like!

They also make fine examples of Canadian Chinese food if you're into chicken balls, fried rice, spare ribs, etc.