Tags: Bakery · Grocery · Portuguese · Quebec
Bakery located in a small house on 89 Eddy Street, Gatineau serving portuguese pastry and varied lunch sandwiches.

Pastéis de Nata at Boulangerie Estoril
Foods from Boulangerie Estoril

2018 Dec 6
Tried the Portuguese egg tarts at this little bakery/sandwich/grocery shop last month. The egg tarts were not on display, but the lady went to the back to get them when I asked for them. Best Portuguese egg tarts in Ottawa! Admittedly, they are the only Portuguese egg tarts I've had in Ottawa, but I have had Portuguese egg tarts from Macau (former Portuguese territory) to serve as reference. Try them out! Flakey, good texture in the egg, and right level of sweetness.

2013 Jul 16
Fresh Portuguese egg tarts. Not having had them in their country of origin, I can't say for sure, but these seem more authentic than the ones at T&T. $1 each.