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2015 Feb 28
I brought the family here one night and we had a nice meal. The food isn't quite as good as you'd normally get from a dedicated Chinese or Vietnamese or Thai restaurant, but being able to order from a pan-Asian menu is nice when there are a variety of preferences in your party. Prices are reasonable too. No surprise, it isn't nearly as bad as New User 5541 suggested.

Service was friendly and genuine. I'd totally come back next time we have trouble agreeing on which part of Eastern Asia we'd like our palates to visit. :)

2014 Apr 7
I've gone here for Pho many times and have introduced friends to here as well and have never had a bad experience. You don't get a 2L bowl of Pho like some Somerset shops, which saves me from 2x my daily value in salt. Good service, good food and close to home, although I can't speak for any item other than the Pho.

2013 Jul 16
New Users 5541 and 5542 are master salespeople, I'm going to have to try this place out and will report back!

2013 Jul 10
New User 5541, please don't give thumbs down to every else's comments simply because theirs was a better experience than yours. The thumbs are meant to judge the quality of the comment.

2013 Jul 10
I went there with my brother the food was terrible,there was small portions and the price was way too overpriced for 14.95 a plate it was garbage. Do not eat at this place, they ripped us off and we will never go there again. I had a severe stomach ache the food was raw uncooked very dirty place shame on you.

2012 Oct 16
"Technically it's a "Vietnamese-Chinese" restaurant now, whatever that's supposed to mean"

Some items i've sampled from the Chinese side of the menu (soups, wontons, stir-fry etc.) ranged from ok-to-good. Affordable prices, comparable to Holy Pow. And, fwiw, i've seen various families (of Chinese descent) gorging on banquet-sized communal meals that seemed to hold their collective attention. Perhaps Kim (or its patrons) should focus on its strengths, leaving the other side of the menu to the various Vietnamese and Thai places in town?

"A few of the tables are not wide enough for the booths."

I know what you mean. On the other hand, they were a good fit for my friend (a big guy), so i guess these things cut both ways sometimes. :)

as added feint praise, happy to see a close-by alternative to the forementioned Holy Pow, which seems to have stopped pretending to care altogether.

2012 Oct 16
We were regulars of this restaurant before its change in ownership and name, and had every intention of continuing to eat here so long as it was still good. The atmosphere is still nice and quiet. Unfortunately the food has changed enough that we're not interested in eating here anymore. The place has lost some of its quality and unique flavor.

I didn't like how everything seemed greasier. I didn't like how the spring rolls were burned. I didn't like how the vermicelli dishes had a huge amount of pasta (could have fed 3 people with it) compared to the vegetable and meat ingredients. I didn't like how the ice coffee is so hard to pour into your glass without it running down the side of the mug and all over your table (not one of us managed to not make a mess). My companions complained that their favorite dishes had changed and were unrecognizable. Soup that had previously been sweet and savory was extremely spicy instead. My dish was loaded with too much coriander.

Nice effort but really there are better places that I'd rather go now. It's not bad, but it's not good either. Not good enough that I feel it's worth the money anyhow.

I usually leave Vietnamese restaurants feeling comfortably satiated, or even still hungry, but the greasy food and copious amounts of pasta here made me feel ill for quite a few hours after. (Technically it's a "Vietnamese-Chinese" restaurant now, whatever that's supposed to mean)

If you do decide to eat here be careful of where you sit. A few of the tables are not wide enough for the booths. It's difficult to eat when you can't sit close enough to your plate.

2012 Aug 13
Went for lunch with co-workers to try the dumplings and it was very good, it was my first time trying pan fried dumplings which i didnt really get the crispy texture, maybe because i am so used to the steam ones which were excellent and the peanut sauce was...dead on! Also shared the Shanghai noodles which were good but would go with Singapore style noodles next time.