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2018 Mar 2
Got some Ben Ben take-out the other night! I haven't been there in a while but when I actually have a fried rice craving it's my fav in the neighbourhood.

We got the vegetable spring rolls which are tasty and full of cabbage bean sprouts and mushroom. They are perfectly crispy and greasy at the same time.

The chicken fried rice is simple and delicious not overly salty with light flavours of soy and fish sauce complimented by egg and green onion. I just wish the chicken was a little more well seasoned.

Added the General Tsao as well which is pretty decent, a little more chili flavoured vs more sweeter versions served on shredded lettuce which oddly works.

35$ for the works. It's not the best cantonese/szechuan food in Ottawa Chinatown but they do some dishes really well and the lunch specials are a super good deal! Not to mention the family that runs it are super friendly :)

2012 Nov 12
The mushu pork. Again, too bad it tasted bland as it does contain good ingredients. The crepe were not the best I have had with mushu. I prefer the ones at Mandarin Ogilvie.

2012 Nov 12
Here is a picture of one the daily lunch specials: beef and veggies with spring roll as appie. All for $8.95. Definitely a bargain eat if you add your own soy sauce.

2012 Nov 12
Finally tried it today. It was decent. I prefer So Good for lunch.

We tried the mu shu pork. It was bland and the accompanying sauce was salty and barely sweet. Mu shu normally comes with hoi sin sauce, which is sweet.

We also shared a lunch rice dish which was beef and vegetables with steamed rice and a spring roll. The spring roll contains beef and shredded cabbage, no bean sprouts, a + in my books. As for the beef and veggies, it was wel. Cooked but again it was on the bland side. I had to add soy sauce.

I'll again another time just in case the regular chef was on vacation today or was just off!

2012 Jan 16
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2011 Mar 27
I got food poisoning from this place. Plus I'm a vegetarian. They must have really tried for me to get poisoned! :)

2010 Nov 6
Nov 10, 2010 failed City of Ottawa restaurant inspection: Critical Non Compliance. then
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2010 Sep 30
Ashley, is this what we would call Hohm Yu Gai Lup Fan in Cantonese?

2010 Sep 30
Ben Ben's chicken-fried rice with salted fish is very famous and is their specialty. Don't get scared with salted fish. It is not smelly at all.

2010 Sep 30
I am in no way an authority on Chinese food, but this place is my favorite little secret. Maybe it's just me, but this place reminds me of the now-defunct "Peter's Cafe" on Gladstone, though a bit lighter on MSG. I only wish they had a delivery driver. Portions are HUGE and prices are low, which is so rare in this damned city. Bring friends, so you can order a few varied dishes, unless you like eating a whole pile of one thing.

Their meat dishes actually have a lot of meat in them. One of my favorite dishes is their chicken-fried rice (no joke), big chunks of lightly-seasoned chicken. Cover it with Maggi sauce and I'll gladly eat myself to death :) Their Singapore noodles are also quite rich, lots of shrimp and pork in every bite.