Fish and Chips at Cedars and Co.
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Fish and Chips at Cedars and Co.
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2014 Oct 22
I'm back in Ottawa and shopped at Cedars and Co. on Kilborn Avenue for the first time today. I am really pleased to have a small grocery store within walking distance. (No shopping within walking distance has always been one of the big drawbacks for me to suburban living.) The previous grocery-convenience store had gotten progressively smaller and less appealing over the last few years. I was impressed by the interesting variety of food, both fresh and packaged, and came away with all I needed to make supper tonight. Looking forward to trying out their housemade food to go too. I think it is a great addition to the neighbourhood and is just a couple doors down from 3 Sisters Bakery. Perfect.

2014 Feb 9
this is such a fantastic grocery store.t he food and the service is amazing.

i love this store and try to visit once a week.
its so nice to go here and be greeted and remembered when i come.
The food in the deli is all homemade and is so amazing.i try something different each time i go.havent been disappointed at all.
please support this family owned be disappointed.

2012 Nov 22
I hadn't been to Cedars in a while - on purpose, actually as several times I found that they only had some of what I was looking for (not strange items, either). If I have to make a second stop to find some of what I need, the convenience of a local store is diminished.

I've been back several times in the past month or so, and I'm really pleased with what I see. I think they have finally figured out what they want the store to be. Gone is the bakery counter, taking up space that could have been (and now is) used to allow for a more complete selection of fruits and vegetables. Quality of the produce continues to be very good. The cheese selection is much improved. The dry goods, dairy, etc. are now quite dependable. If I get halfway through a recipe and realize I'm missing an ingredient, I have confidence that a trip to Cedar's will likely do the trick.

2010 Dec 1
Hi -- I have been liking this place better and better although they have had growing pains. Try the pear jam -- it's the best ever. And they have excellent little pasta sauces in the organic section near the back. Vegan daughter lives on them. Also an amazing ricotta fresca, best I have ever had, including Nicastro's, and real Greek yogurt, and ayram from Turkey -- not as good as home made, but not bad. We had fresh sole from there last night and I was wondering just how fresh it would be. It was perfect.

2010 Nov 16
Went back to Cedars to do some groceries this week.
Had not gone there for around 2 weeks as I had a organic delivery and too much produce at home...

Now the whole grocery store has been changed around.
The deli counter is at the back where the meats once were.
There is a new counter with arabic cheese.
You can get slices of Haloum, some soft cheese in a braid, feta and a few others.
The counter with the bulk salads is beside the cheese counter.
Did not see any more bbq chickens today (really wanted one),but they did have some wings.
They had baked and fried samosas and there was a sign saying $1.50 for 1 samosa or $2.50 for 2!
I like the samosas here better than that place on Somerset a bunch of people told me to go to.
That other place only had fried samosas.

You can also get some baked spinach pies and these small pastries filled w cheese called Sambousik ($1).
From the deli bought a dandelion salad that is $1.75 for 250 grams- it has dandelion,onion,spices.
"eggplant salad" 250 grams was $3.99 (receipt says bab ghanouj,but this is not it,this has green pepper,onion,garlic and mashed eggplant).
They also make rice pudding here and I think it is 250 grams for $1.99.
tried it once and it is good, very creamy.

Also,got a poutine there today and the fries seem frozen now,not the same as before.
the gravy was fine and they always put a lot of cheese curds. Small poutine is still $4.95
I still think the best deal is the chicken shawarma,potatoes.drink for $5.95!
they even have a sign outside the store that says that now.
Saw some fish and chips too in the display case.

2010 Sep 29
I thought the guy who made the sauces did look familiar.
I do shop at Pelican sometimes (one of the few places you can get preservative free jumbo shrimps).

I'm not as impressed with the bakery section.
The cupcakes there look ok,but it seems a lot of the baked good sit there quite a while as the store is never super busy.
I know they first tried selling cakes and cookies (and had Fidelice cakes when the store first opened..and no one bought them),
then they had some yummy butter and nut tarts and those were yummy....but no more tarts now :(

They do have a large selection of local vegetables and tonight when I went to get some they had a big sign saying "local vegetable baskets $3.99"
-there was some potatoes,carrots,onions with the stems on them.

-there is also some large watermelons for $5 and these things are huge.
I want to get one but not sure I can eat 15lbs of watermellon.

They also have a good deal on shawarma right now.
There is a sign up on the counter and it says "shawarma,potatoes and drink $5.95"
-normally the chicken shawarma is $5 by itself, potatoes are around $2.50 (or whatever the person there rings maybe $3? or maybe $2?..they need to set menu prices for single items)
-then you get a canned drink: sprite,coke,diet coke.
For $6 it is a decent deal.

And another odd thing:
Tonight someone had hung up a ton of hot red peppers to dry in the food counter section.
I asked what that was for and was told they are drying the peppers there for a few days and finishing them in the oven, then will be selling them.
Kind of wish I took a pic as it did look neat.

Also, in the parking lot of the store there was an old fashioned farm truck with a big trunk full of pumpkins.
I have a pic and will upload from my phone later on...

I have yet to try their ice cream and prob will soon.
The only thing that annoys me is they do not put the ingredients on the container and I like to know what I'm getting.

They only had 2 flavors that some guy in from of me was getting.
I usually buy ice cream and sorbet at Malak across the street and like that you can get smaller containers and also mix 2 flavors in them if you like.
-The baklava at Malak is also much fresher as it is baked in the store and they sell tons of it.
But for baklava and pastries Malak is at least 30% more in price.

Cedars did have a sign by the pastry counter stating 20 pieces baklava for $8.95
-that is a pretty good price
-same thing at the bakery across the street is around $15.

2010 Sep 25
In reference to Pretty Tasty's comments, I have a bit of insight on the fish sauces you had mentioned. The person running the Fish counter is the same guy that once worked at the infamous Pelican. He is the same guy that created those sauces. I read the label on my container and it says Cedars. The creator is none other than Herbert. I asked him personally. Pelican worked with his master of a recipe after he departed. Therefore, both carry the same product under a different label.

I find that the supermarket is a welcome to Ottawa South finally. Prior to Cedars, the place was a little distressed only serving fruits and veggies. This place has finally enhanced this community. The food is great, and the management seem to have kept things really clean.

I personally love the kibbee (minced beef and cracked wheat) along with the homemade hummous and tabouleh. I don't have the time to prepare this stuff.

They had pumpkins in there today, and cupcakes gearing up for Halloween for the kids. I was thrilled.

2010 Sep 22
I finally made it down to Ottawa South to check out this spot. I had high hopes, since I used to love going to Fresh Fruit when I was a student and living in the neighborhood - and was not let down. You walk right into an extensive pastry section that got my salivary glands going immediately. There's a big and beautifully displayed produce section with great prices. Cheese selection is nice, and they carry Beking eggs and about a million different yogurts. They make their own ice cream and gelato as well. Seafood selection looked good but I can't say it had the greatest prices - didn't notice the meat, but it looked like there was plenty of that too. Can't wait to return!

2010 Sep 21
Went back to Cedars,
they have very good prices on vegetables right now (eggplant is .69 a lb, colored peppers .99lb).
watermellon large size,local $3.99

-bought some veggies and a poutine.
this time my poutine to go was served in a tin container (round 7" dia and 2"high).
the patatoes were the not frozen ones and these were very fresh and seemed hand cut,
the guy there filled my container with too much fries and has to take a bit out.
-I asked for not much gravy and he also put a ton on cheese.
the price for small poutine is now $5.95

also seems they have added more stuff to their menu.
today they were selling pizza slices for $3
bbq chicken sandwich was $3 (they had made some brochettes ahead of time and were using those).

guy working at the food counter told me they would have okra w tomato sauce next week.

They are also selling Zaatar spice at the store in bulk (costs $8.95kg)
bought a small bag and it was $1.58
-I can now make my own savory breads.

So far it seems this store and food counter they are still deciding what to sell!

2010 Sep 16
Went to do some grocery shopping at Cedars and Co Tuesday.
Was quite hungry and ended up getting what was supposed to be a tofu and spinach samosa..went to eat that at the bus stop and turns out it was a potato and peas was not very spiced.
Too bad I did not get what I was supposed to get.

I also ordered some fries from the food counter and to my dissapointment this time they used frozen french fries..mccains to be exact.
Before their fries were different and not the uniform shape and crunch that mccains is.

I hope they will go back to using fresh patatoes as this was rather disapointing.

The store did have some very nice fish and there was a rather large piece of "sushi grade" tuna that looked quite good.

Also, it kind of looks like they are getting some of their packaged sauces from pelican fishery?
they have the same names,same packaging type,same prices..same labels too.
There was also some fish or crab cakes that were $4.99 for 3 with a dip sauce.
did not try those but they did look good!



2010 Aug 12
I heard their fried fish is supposedly from Pelican Fishery?
anyone else hear this?

I do find the portions are quite generous.
Their menu board needs to be more clear though.

-only a price for poutine and not plain fries?
-was told there is a brochette sandwich..but nothing on their menu about that or prices?

another kind of annoying this..they have some ice cream for sale that looks ingredients on the containers.
..looked kinda like how Malak's packages their ice cream...

Their baklava are good, but not as fresh as the bakaery across the street.
If you are in that area across the street is an Arab bakery and you can buy a scoop of ice cream or sorbet for $3 a small cup and $4 larger cup.
-had some watermellon sorbet and kiwi sorbet today.


2010 Dec 18
On or way home from Christmas shopping we decided to stop in and get take out fish and chips. Staff were super friendly. We got a deal we thought. He only charged $7.99 for fish and chips which was advertised at $10.95 and he didn't have change so he gave us another $1 off. First off the fries were not edible. They had a rubbery stale consistency almost like the oil was not hot enough when he fried them up or they had been siting above warm oil all day. The fish was very good but again the batter was soaked in oil. Tartar sauce was super with a heavy dill flavour and salad excellent. It was 4:30pm when we picked up so I'm not sure if this is a lunch place and the frier was on econo or it was just an off day. On the positive side the produce in the store looked great.

2010 Aug 7
Fish & Chips at Cedars, and probably ranks among the best I've had in Ottawa.

I'm not convinced about the presentation though. What you see in the foreground is a huge pile of garlic sauce & hummus (with a little well of olive oil).
Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture.

I'll definitely get them again, but probably I'll get takeout and then slather them with malt vinegar & tartar sauce at home.