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2012 Dec 13
Thanks HFF.

While there may be a mention of "advanced notice". Again I wonder how much it was discussed.

I always ask what the special dietary folks will be getting.

This way they don't end up with a, ahem, "wilted" lol, salad.

However, I will point out that the caterers I dealt with never responded that way if I had any issues. When it comes to catering and events, the organizer has just as much to do with it as the caterer - I see it as a joint venture.

I see both points of view here; but also wonder how the discussion went in terms of "respect" from both parties.

2012 Dec 12
If a catering campany promise to provide vegan options,they must honour that...otherwise, just be honest and tell customer "Sorry, we cannot."

I deal with special diet requests at work, almost everyday. There are so many types of special diets.
Would be nice If catering company can provide options below:

Low-carbohydrate, low-fat, Mediterranean and vegetarian diets.
Raw food
Heart disease or high blood pressure
Celiac disease (cannot tolerate gluten) or gastrointestinal disorders
Food allergies or sensitivities

2012 Dec 12
I'll be the first to admit I really don't understand vegans but as a business who serves food, you have to respect the choices of the people you are serving (especially as a caterer) since you are in the service industry. In today's world, a decent restaurant should be prepared to have a few options that cater to special diets unless they explicitly state otherwise.

To bring this back to the original topic, Todric's presented a vegan option, that in the opinion of a customer, was sub-standard. It's a fair criticism. We all criticize the food we eat and in this case the customer was underwhelmed and in future will probably choose another caterer for future events.

Todric's could have fixed the situation but they seemed to come up with excuses rather than find a solution. In my opinion, they should have probably given a slight discount. Offering a resolution to a unhappy customer is worth way more than the potential of losing repeat business and word of mouth advertising.

Out of interest, NnB how was the rest of the food? Were the others at least happy with the rest of the food? To judge the whole experience based on a sole vegan option is a bit unfair to Todric's.

2012 Dec 12
LOL. Thumbed down for what is clearly a joke?

I don't get why other people's dietary choices are such volatile fuel for a flame war.

2012 Dec 12
Nilan25 - trust me, crappy desserts are everywhere. No foodie group is safe from bad cooking.

Pasta Lover - From original comment:
"Even with advanced notice, a plain 'ol boring salad was all they were able to come up for feeding a vegan at a catered event." I agree with you that I do seem to have embellished the wilted part.

2012 Dec 12
We have a few vegetarians at our office as well so when we have a lunch catered we always ask for a veggie option. Our events coordinator always asks to see the vegetarian options first before placing the order so we can make sure their dietary requirements are met. (One vegetarian eats eggs and cheese but not meat, another vegetarian does not eat eggs or cheese but eats fish etc.) We just want to make sure everyone gets a solid meal and to avoid any mix up. I did not see anything in the original comment about them getting wilted/old lettuce nor did I see any mention of an agreement being made beforehand.

2012 Dec 12
Oh I truly know when I have had vegan food. Went to a vegan wedding. There desserts were exquisitely dry. My take is vegan and the moniker "foodie" is contra-indicated. If you can't stand butter get out of the kitchen. On another note, does anyone know where I can find gluten free gluten?

2012 Dec 12
schnicken - Todric's did know about it before hand. The original poster was just disappointed in the offering of wilted/old lettuce. Todric's reply was they were too busy with other events, so that was the best they could do. Nothing was mentioned to indicate what Todric's had promised when putting together the catering agreement.

2012 Dec 12
"it is terrifying how common vegan dishes really are...."

That's why I always carry a bottle of bacon bits and a stick of butter around with me...

2012 Dec 12
First of all, if this was a catered event, why wasn't the requirement put in before AND discussed before?

I planned events and when the caterer was aware of a dietary requirement, there was always discussion BEFORE about what would be served.

I always enquired what would be served for the veggie meals.



2011 Jun 5
Took the parents to Todric's today for brunch. It was a mixed experience. Pictured is a double chocolate grilled cheese. Bread is custom baked for todric's by the french baker and is not sweet, but savory. It made for a very unusual but nice sandwich stuffed with slices of asian pear and brie, and pressed on a panini grill. I quite enjoyed it and it was served with decent home fries and some nice fresh fruit. I really enjoyed the flavours, as did 2 of the others, but one felt it was a really unpleasant combination, but then that individual thinks the idea of adding chocolate to anything savory, like chili, is also not good.

Other dishes included a breakfast burrito and a smoked salmon benedict that were well reviewed, as well as an elk and bison taco that were unremarkable; Although the filling was a nice cobination of shredded and spiced meat, the shells looked and tasted like boxed grocery store taco shells, and there was a surplus of shredded iceberg lettuce that dominated the other fillings. So the tacos were not a big winner overall, but the three other dishes were well prepared and delicious.

Unfortunately there were a few problems with service. Our server was pleasant and friendly, but did not do a lot to enhance the dining experience. Specials were not described to us, and when we specifically asked about specials, there was not a lot of enthusiasm to tell us about them. An elk and bison taco, for example, is not something that is typical on a brunch menu and we would have enjoyed a more detailed explanation than was offered. At one point when we were asking about another special, the server noticed food for another table was up and simply left us mid explanation without saying a word, to pick up the food and deliver to the other table. When he returned, we had to ask again about the specials, and after we ordered, we noticed it was fully 10 minutes before he put the order in at the kitchen. That is perhaps why one of the orders was placed incorrectly and the wrong dish was delivered to one of the diners. Apologies were made, and the correct meal was delivered, but the other three of us were nearly finished eating at that point. The server also noted to us that he was having a very rough day, having been up since 5:30. So he was friendly and pleasant, but did not really do much to "sell" the interesting food available, and it was a first time here for the parents.

So all in all it was a mostly pleasant dining experience, good value, with most brunch dishes between $8 and $13 and Todric's still has one of the most interesting brunch menus in town.

2010 Nov 16
I went there for dinner and the cutlery was at the table.
Was told by the chef that the cutlery is at the table for dinnertime and lunchtime you order at the counter-this is for the weekday 9-4? hours.

My meal was good, will post later about it.
I also like that if you do not want a dessert they have cookies for sale.
I wanted the pineapple upside down cake and there was none left that day :(
Still all their cookies are good and change daily.
Cost for cookies is from $1.25 to $2 around.
They have some gigantic cookies-like a3 flavor spumoni shortbread (was very good) and some oatmeal cookies, double chocolate (very rich and good).

On my last visit I had the beef short ribs ($22) and the portion was quite big- you got 3 fairly large pieces of short rib,some very tasty green beans and jasmine rice.
The meat on the ribs was fall off the bone and very good.
Guest has the fish of the day-that was grouper with a sweet potato puree and something else.
The fish was nicely done and a very big portion-almost enough for 2 people (and larger than I've seen at other places).

I really want to go back and try the lobster pasta,it sounds so good!
They also sells different jams,sauces and seasonings to take home.
Bought a jar of marmalade and it is quite good!If you go to their website the whole menu is posted there.
-dinner menu:
-lunch and brunch menu:
(these are hard to find,so thought I'd add direct links).

Lately there has also been a lot of discounted gift certificates for the dinner menu at Todrics.
Bought a few and am using those up now!
But still,I would go without them anyways (or plan to).
Also hope to try the lunch and brunch menu soon.
Here is a post on my blog of a previous dinner at Todric's.

2009 Sep 21
Todric's is a lovely little place that you're unlikely to find unless you work for the government on McArthur or are egged on by your trusty GPS. Only meters away did we finally realize we were in the vicinity of gastronomic potential.

But it was worth it!

The brunch menu was filled with choices including omelets, poached eggs, pancakes, quiche, and more. The food was presented simply, but it was definitely tasty (for the record, I had a chef's omelet – cheese and asparagus - with toasts and a cappuccino).

The decor is unassuming, warm, and cozy. We got service at the table, but it seems the place can also metamorphose itself into an order-at-the-counter establishment (perhaps on weekdays for lunch?).

Food there is also very affordable.

Service was friendly, and we had a nice chat with the cook, Eric Patenaude, who's engaging and very enthusiastic about his cooking. He showed us around the frozen take-home entrees and emphasized value for the money. We made off with a lamb curry that we polished off tonight ... mmmm.

2009 Feb 28
Went to Todric's on a weekend (it's on McArthur...just a few blocks west of Vanier Parkway...I know the location seems odd)...this place is FABULOUS!! One of the best brunches I have had in Ottawa. Their focus is on catering...but I will definitely come back for brunch/lunch. Fresh, delicious food! Omelettes and french toast were great. So was the quiche! The chicken club was to die for! Great ambience!!

I am very impressed by Todric's (the only thing that might seem weird is that the cutlery and condiments are self-serve...other than that, everything else is served to your table). The owner and staff are very friendly. Oh and they also carry quite a few take-home dishes, marinades, rubs and preserves.