Poutine at The Bacon Factory
Foods from The Bacon Factory

2015 Dec 15
We stopped by last week and I ordered a basic cheeseburger. Despite all the wonderful options available, I was craving a simple cheeseburger with cheddar, lettuce, tomato and ketchup on a regular bun. It was quite enjoyable. The French fries, while a touch over salted, were delicious.

2015 Jul 8
Wednesdays the Bacon Factory has $5 poutine and based on my understanding of economics and poutine, this seemed worth trying. Also, I work across the street.

Nice portion for $5. Fries were good and curds were curds but the gravy was heavily spiced with what seemed like thyme/herbs and had a underlying tomato flavour which I found unappealing.

Underwhelming but I will return to try other offerings including the $12 pitchers.