Foods from Donna's Express


2010 Aug 14
I picked up lunch from here last week and was pleasantly surprised.

I will have to agree, the patio doesn't look too appealing. However, with all of the construction going on in the area, I can't really see too many people wanting to sit out there and soak up the atmosphere.

The inside had the old school diner feel. Stools around the counter that wraps around the kitchen/grill.

I noted that they had quite a number of specials on the board but I was out for a loaded burger and fries and an order of calamari. The two items came in under $18 including taxes. Burger was a large homemade patty that my boyfriend said was amazing. It was well cooked for those who enquire about cooking- I don't know if other options are possible. There was a small amount of salad and a huge pile of fries, which I'm pretty sure were made in house. The fries were quite good.

The Calamari was awesome. So lightly fried- my only beef is that it is served with cocktail sauce which I don't care for.

The service for take out seemed alright- the girls were friendly and helpful.

I wouldn't mind trying their pizza sometime.

2010 Jul 21
Service is lacking, I found

2010 Jul 5
Look, a patio!
No, it's not opened.
Even though all the tables are set up,
even though it's the middle of summer,
even thou we've passed by this place and asked to sit outside countless times. Oh well, let's go inside. Look, we're not being served!
That's all I have to say about this place.