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Typical Sicilian cake with ricotta.

Cannoli at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana
Cannoli at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana
Cannoli at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana
Cannoli at Fratelli
Where to get Cannoli

2007 Oct 20
I had cannoli for dessert(tipical Southern Italian cake with fresh ricotta inside). These cannoli were filled with cream.

2009 Jan 15
Fantastic cannoli. They have small ones and regular sized ones.


2014 Jun 23
Cannoli on June 23, 2014 is very good! Not a connoisseur myself but of the 4 pastries we sampled today (this, a Chocolate mousse, a rum soaked baba and a tube shape pastry filled with chocolate cream), the cannoli was everyone's favourite. They fill it with cream when you order. The tube was flaky yet thick and crunchy. You have to dig in with your fork or teeth (in a good way). Will be back for more.

2012 Aug 11
I'm happy to report that my complaint about crunchiness from almost two years ago is no longer applicable! The pastry is now more more yielding and flaky (but still harder than a pie crust). For my taste it is perfect.

The filling is simultaneously light and rich, with the nicely tangy but round-flavoured ricotta and lemon filling making it like cheesecake but better!

2010 Dec 30
I enjoyed a Cannolo here with an espresso this afternoon. The Cannoli are filled on demand, meaning the pastry is nice and crisp when you get it, although I found it to be more crunchy than delicate. The filling was quite nice -- a little more dense than I recall having in Boston, but with a pleasant ricotta flavour.

All in all, very good. $2.75 for the large specimen shown here. I can't compare it to other Ottawa Cannoli, but I can say that this one is good enough to fullfil a hankering!


2012 Jan 24
I had understood they were from Montreal.
Or possibly Heaven.

2012 Jan 24
Weird - I went yesterday (Monday) and they had about 20-30, very fresh. Maybe the weather kept people home this weekend - lucky meeee!

2012 Jan 24
Very good cannoli. Not as good as Mike's in Boston (my fave, never having been to Italy), but the best I've had in the city I think. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, they're only available on Saturdays and they go fast. They're brought in from TO is what I heard.

2012 Jan 24
I saw Tina's post about the cannoli and had to post my own note. I love them, but have found (and been told by the owner) that they only come on Saturday. If you can find one on Sunday, consider yourself lucky.