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2017 Dec 11
Everything on the menu is $7.11 here ($5.11 if you order a beverage). This leads to entertaining observations such as a basket of fries costing the same as a poutine or a burger with fries.

I went for the "Spicy BBQ Burger" with the salad option. It was really quite good, especially for seven bucks! The burger was diminutive in diameter but hefty in height. Jalapeño peppers, a tasty beef patty, and good lettuce and tomato. Nothing to complain about there! The salad was better than I expected: baby spinach with cucumbers, shredded carrot and red cabbage with a pleasant balsamic dressing. Would go back for a meal that's so easy on the wallet.

2013 Aug 9
Sybaritica, due to Ontario regulations and law, any business that serves alcohol must serve food as well. So, anywhere you can buy a drink, you can buy food (exceptign LCBO and Beer stores)

2013 Aug 9
Date of visit: July 13, 2013

This little place sits at the edge of Byward Market at the corner of Dalhousie and York. Dalhousie is a main thoroughfare but there is a certain peacefulness to the tree shaded corner that gives its outdoor patio a certain backwater serenity. For some reason, I was rather under the impression that no food was served here but, when I sat down on the patio for a liquid refreshment one day near noon, I was handed a menu. I decided to give the food a try as well…

Philly Cheesesteak ... Rating: 5 out of 5.

I found Pub 101 to be friendly, comfortable sort of place. It is plain, but unassuming, and good value is given for a modest price. It is not a fine eatery to be sure, but it is a great place for a few drinks and something to go along with the same. Rating: 4 out of 5.

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2011 Jun 16
Good fries, bad rib eye steak not cooked at all like I asked (med rare), it came medium well done. The burgers that others ordered looked decent enough.

Service was insanely slow but I think that can be mostly blamed on it being packed for the cup finals. About 2 hours from being seated to having food at the table. Waitress was as pleasant as could be expected for such a busy night, though we were getting our own drinks from the bar most of the time.

Not really my kind of place to eat regardless, so I don't think I'll be back to try the place on a non-event night.

Not so bad if you're just out for drinks, standard pub atmosphere.

2010 Jun 11
THUMBS DOWN. I visited this place a couple of months ago and it wasn't good. I reserved writing a comment since that time just to give myself a cooling down period, shall we say. My main complaint is that it has bad, slow service and most of the female servers have way too much attitude.

I blame the management though, we got the feeling it was a combo of them being poorly trained and not enough people working the floor during the busy period so you could tell some of them were flustered.

I waited 15 mins to order a beer after being seated. And even then, I only got it because I finally got up and went to the bar myself to get it. And they gave me attitude for it too! Even paying for a our beers took a long time. We didn't stick around for long - we just wanted to get out of there. I did NOT leave a tip for obvious reasons.

They offer cheap food deals to try to get people to go there but there are much better places to go eat, drink and have fun and where the staff is better.