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Bistro type food for lunch, classics with a twist (niçoise salad with tataki tuna and pickled eggs, burgers, tartares, poutine with duck confit, etc)

Sharing plates for dinner (tartares, charcuterie, cheese, fries with homemade mayo, etc)

Brunch on Sunday

Brut Cantina Sociale
Brut Cantina Sociale
Charcuterie at Brut Cantina Sociale
Foods from Brut Cantina Sociale

2014 May 13
Went to Brut for mother's day and enjoyed a very nice breakfast. Most plates came with salad and crispy fried potatoes. I ordered the Duck tartare with poached eggs, holladais sauce and brioche. Tartare was well seasoned and taste was on point. however, the dish came with 2 poached eggs which flooded the tartare when poked. I would of only put 1 egg and the dish would of been superb.

Family ordered the Scottish egg which was really good and crispy, Frittata came with homemade chorizo and loaded with veggies, and Pain Perdu which was ok but missing a fruit colis to complete the dish.

2013 Aug 15
Came here for lunch. Had the Pulled Pork sandwich with sides of coleslaw and marinated vegetables. All very good. The bread was nice and I am not a huge bread person. The marinated vegetables were the right level of sourness. That was $17. I could have chosen only one side and it would have been $14.

Glad that there is one excellent spot on Promenade du Portage. Cafe 1850 used to be that place but it is long gone.

2013 Feb 21
I tried this place last night before going out to a see a show. The food was overall pretty good. We started with some tuna tartare which was really good with a good amount of capers. I had the arctic char which was quite good with a mix of vegetable including some egg plant and some strips of zucchinis. The arctic char size was probably a tad smaller then I would have expected for the price. We also tried the steak frites which was quite good. Not the tenderest piece of meat but well cooked (medium-rare) with some good fries and some greens. The presentations of the plates were really nice. I would probably go back and tried some of the charcuterie as they have quite a selection including some harder to find (beef tongue…)

2012 Oct 25
I've visited them twice in the last two weeks, both times for lunch. The food was great both time.

First time I had the nicoise salad, because the tataki tuna and picked eggs are two things I like but never thought of combining. It worked well, all the other ingredients were very fresh too, and the plating was beautiful, which doesn't hurt. Tried the cider granita for dessert. Good, with a little bit of a kick from the calvados (and the server did warn about that).

Second time I had the beef tartare. Good chopped meat, well seasoned (a little salty, but that's to be expected with capers), huge pile of extra thin crostinis, toasted brioche bread, salad, excellent fries with homemade mayo. Dessert was ridiculous, in a good way. A molded fruit mousse, topped with fresh blueberry, accompanied with fresh sliced strawberry, dollops of strawberry coulis and basil gel, crumbled shortbread and... white chocolate ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Something I'd expect at Atelier, not lunch on Portage street. (I was not surprised to learn that the chef did work at Atelier before opening this place.)

Price for lunch is reasonable (12-20$ mains), it gets a little less reasonable if you add an 8$ dessert... but I think those desserts are worth the price.

Planning to go in the evening soon, to try the small plates.

2013 Jun 11
Came here for Saturday date night and had a nice time. Service was friendly and accommodating. Water was kept topped up.

The complimentary in-house bread was actually one of the highlights for me. Nicely moist and crusty, with a gentle pat of garlic butter.

I enjoyed a generous pint of Griffon Rousse with my meal. It worked well with the rustic flavours of most dishes.

Our meal of small plates and charcuterie came arranged on a large wood block, accompanied with plenty of crostini. Here's the rundown:

* Pickled vegetables ($4) - the sweet kind, not really our thing. Pass.
* Frites w aioli ($4) - nice rustic frites. Recommended.
* Root veg chips ($4) - tasted like homemade potato chips, not much else. Pass.
* Greens w vinaigrette ($4) - absolutely wonderful salad! Highly recommended.
* Duck prosciutto ($6) - salty but pretty good. Tasted more like viande des Grisons than prosciutto. Cautiously recommended.
* Duck rillettes ($6) - very generous jar of mild but nice rillettes. This was probably my favourite of the meal. I would have this with the salad and be thrilled.
* Slider ($6) - a little burger. Nicely done, but that's all it is.
* Boar pogo (L) ($15) - this was kind of boring and overpriced. Served with some nice condiments: cranberry relish and in-house bbq/ketchup. They also offer a smaller one for $7. Pass.

We each had a dessert. Chocolate cake and angel food cake with rhubarb compote (pic: Each dish ($8) was large, not sweet, kind of bland, but very nicely arranged. We generally prefer small, sweet, desserts with a higher flavour per calorie ratio.