Charcuterie at Andaz Ottawa
Charcuterie at Murray Street Restaurant
Charcuterie at The Albion Rooms
Charcuterie at The Albion Rooms
Charcuterie at Brut Cantina Sociale
Charcuterie at Murray Street Restaurant
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2015 Aug 8
The Charcuterie Plate ($24 for three choices) is exceptional and delicious. The three choices are presented in fairly generous portions and the accompanying pickles and garnishes are truly excellent. It comes with a paper bag of crostini -- especially useful if you get a terrine as we did.

2015 Feb 22
Just like the cheese platter, the charcuterie platter is excellent. The choices are varied and at a very decent price. Pictured are: prosciutto, Seed to Sausages sausages and smoked salmon with lots of tasty sides such as marinated onions, capers, marinated beans, grainy mustard, dill pickles and crispy crostini a. It went really well with both the Scrimshaw Oyster stout and the Beamsville Pinot Noir I ordered.



2016 Mar 19
Came here for happy hour just before 5:30 and had a charcuterie plate of 3 meats and 2 cheeses for $25 and a glass of cab sauv.. The smoke duck breast is excellent and I and easily have 3 of them. Choose instead the country terrine and recommended kielbasa. They were decent but found out after from a different server the rillettes was duck and if I had known I would have ordered this rather than the terrine.

Both the Lankaaster aged Gouda and Celtics blue were excellent as well.

The accompaniments raisins with cumin, pickled onion, pickled carrots, soya infused celery root, grainy mustard, small dill pickles and cranberry sauce. The only one I did not care for is the raisin with cumin since the cumin tasted far too strong.

2010 Sep 25
It's very much worth starting your meal with a sampling of charcuterie! The Smoked Duck Breast was absolutely spectacular, tasting like a very delicate (and pork-free) version of Westphalian Ham. The Cendre de Lune cheese was also delicious, and paired beautifully with the red pepper jelly that accompanied it. The accoutrements were tasty and rounded out the whole experience. Highly recommended!

2010 Jan 20
We just went for our second meal here and we were not disappointed. We shared a 'Charcu-trio' of tongue, head cheese and marrow (the first and last being Elk, I think) and all three were delicious. For a main I had a pork shoulder confit with creamy cheese polenta, roast carrots tossed in maple syrup, pancetta broth and apple jelly. It was so rich and delicious I barely managed to finish all of it. My husband also had a lamb shoulder with smoked feta that was equally good. For dessert we had the 'smores, as well as the dried cherry cheesecake (again, both were perfect).
On top of how good the meal was, our waiter was great. He clearly knew the menu inside and out and was obviously enthusiastic about food, so it was good to get his recommendations on the menu and wine pairings. Overall, it was a great meal and worth every penny.




2010 Nov 16
Went there on Thursday and food was good!
But the 4 item charcutrerie plate was $25 for 4 items and I found that a bit much.

-the bread slices were all too crisp and it would have been nice to have some softer bread too.
the bread was fresh though.

I has one Canadian cheese (forget the name),smoked trout ,sable fish smoked,prosciutto.
My only small peeve was the waiter made a very big deal of how prosciutto was me that is very annoying.

Guest had the tofu curry dish, that was good-but was $22 for that and would have looked nicer if there was a small side like a few fresh veggies to add more interest to the dish (or maybe some fresh bread to mop up the curry sauce?).

The only desserts I was told there was that day was Strawberry sorbet,raspberry sorbet,blueberry sorbet and those were $10 at this time.

Did not really want sorbet for dessert,so got ice cream at another store down the street that also has homemade ice creams.

It was also the birthday of one of the people there and the staff did nothing for that at all-not even a free tiny scoop of ice cream.
-did not expect anything big,but a little disappointed by that.

Maybe I will go back for brunch sometime, but not too sure as there is another place on Bank st I want to try.

2010 Jul 8
It's simple: babies don't belong in fine dining establishments. Thankfully this will help keep these three annoying bourgeois ladies out, too. Take your infant child to a wading pool.

2013 Jun 11
Came here for Saturday date night and had a nice time. Service was friendly and accommodating. Water was kept topped up.

The complimentary in-house bread was actually one of the highlights for me. Nicely moist and crusty, with a gentle pat of garlic butter.

I enjoyed a generous pint of Griffon Rousse with my meal. It worked well with the rustic flavours of most dishes.

Our meal of small plates and charcuterie came arranged on a large wood block, accompanied with plenty of crostini. Here's the rundown:

* Pickled vegetables ($4) - the sweet kind, not really our thing. Pass.
* Frites w aioli ($4) - nice rustic frites. Recommended.
* Root veg chips ($4) - tasted like homemade potato chips, not much else. Pass.
* Greens w vinaigrette ($4) - absolutely wonderful salad! Highly recommended.
* Duck prosciutto ($6) - salty but pretty good. Tasted more like viande des Grisons than prosciutto. Cautiously recommended.
* Duck rillettes ($6) - very generous jar of mild but nice rillettes. This was probably my favourite of the meal. I would have this with the salad and be thrilled.
* Slider ($6) - a little burger. Nicely done, but that's all it is.
* Boar pogo (L) ($15) - this was kind of boring and overpriced. Served with some nice condiments: cranberry relish and in-house bbq/ketchup. They also offer a smaller one for $7. Pass.

We each had a dessert. Chocolate cake and angel food cake with rhubarb compote (pic: Each dish ($8) was large, not sweet, kind of bland, but very nicely arranged. We generally prefer small, sweet, desserts with a higher flavour per calorie ratio.

2018 Jun 16
The Charcuterie and Cheese Platter ($25) is the ideal accompaniment to drinks on this iconic rooftop patio. It provided a hearty snacking experience for three of us and would certainly suffice as a light meal for two. It had a nice balance of sweet fruits with salty meats and cheeses. The pink pickled cauliflower and the blue cheese were standouts for me.