Foods from Pho Vietnam

2012 Feb 10
When I don't feel like driving to china town, this is where I go for Pho. It is a new neighborhood favorite, I don't dare go anywhere else in Gloucestor.

Super friendly owners, always fast service, great prices and OMG YUMMY! Beer & Sake available at good prices too. Yesterday was my third time going, I had the bbq porc and shrimp pho bowl, it arrived fast & piping hot! The broth was excellent and authentic tasting. The restaurant is very clean, worth mentioning

2011 Oct 12
Excellent - The chicken pho is excellent and the spring rolls are good. The service is very friendly and it is a cozy environment. The chicken breast is of good quality, the basil is fresh as well as the bean sprouts. The broth and noodles are superb. I like the pot of green tea that is brought to you while waiting. A definite repeat - I keep going back. Try it you will not be disappointed.

2011 Jan 14
I have a feeling you are speaking about Canh Chua, which literally translates into "Sour Soup" because of the pineapple.
But usually made with a fish broth, with fish chunks obviously! :)

My mom likes to eat it with vermicelli noodles.
But I have never heard made with chicken broth.

2010 Jan 19
Of all the Pho places in Ottawa that I have visited (I've tried most of the Pho joints in and around China Town) this place sticks out to me. The atmosphere is homey and the owners of this place seem to really care about food and the happiness of their customers. I won't get into all the dishes because I want to stick to my soup subject, so lets get to it!

This place offers a REALLY UNIQUE chicken soup. I guess I can still classify it as a PHO but its REALLY different. These are the ingredients: Chicken, a couple of cubed tomatoes, noodles and a few slices of celery....the special ingredient is PINEAPPLE. This soup is AMAZING. It's really light and it has a tang that opens up your whole palette. There are a few peices of actual pineapple in the soup, but you can taste it in the broth mostly.

The prices at this place are pretty well the same as any Pho joint - a large bowl of this mouth watering pineapple soup runs you about $8.00.

I recommend it!!