Describing itself as a "premium dive bar" this restaurant features a menu where each item costs $4.95.

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El Furniture Warehouse
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2017 Aug 15
The “Chiang Mai” Salad wasn’t particularly Thai tasting but it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless. Nice thick noodles and crunchy veg in a soy-centric dressing.

Not bad for $4.95, plus I splurged an extra $2.25 for the chicken like money was no object!!

2017 Jul 2
Yup, like everything else on the menu, this Noodle Salad was $4.95. Actually the condiment cup of hot sauce cost an extra $1. Worth it to kick this dish up a notch! Lots of noodles on a bed of romaine, tossed with a subtle soy-sesame dressing, and topped with a generous hunk of avocado, a few cubes of chicken breast, and a garnish of watercress. For five freaking bucks! I mean, of course I had a margarita that cost more than my meal but isn't that the whole idea? :D

The fish tacos that my friend had were not so well received. It looked like they'd cut a single piece of pollock into three and the toppings weren't very generous. Might be a better idea to do this dish up as two tacos instead of three. Still... it's five bucks...

2017 May 13
In terms of pleasure per dollar it's hard to do any better than this! I had the Smoky BBQ Burger containing cheddar, jalapeños, and smokey bbq sauce. Served with black pepper sprinkled fries, the entire plate cost $4.95 (like everything else on the menu).

Service was super friendly and the rooftop patio is an awesome place to be. For future reference, I noticed that their non-premium cocktails go for a reasonable $6.50.

I'm a sucker for a good deal so I'll definitely be back!