Burger and fries or other side.

Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
Burger Platter at El Furniture Warehouse
Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
Burger Platter at Kal's Place
Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
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2017 May 13
In terms of pleasure per dollar it's hard to do any better than this! I had the Smoky BBQ Burger containing cheddar, jalapeņos, and smokey bbq sauce. Served with black pepper sprinkled fries, the entire plate cost $4.95 (like everything else on the menu).

Service was super friendly and the rooftop patio is an awesome place to be. For future reference, I noticed that their non-premium cocktails go for a reasonable $6.50.

I'm a sucker for a good deal so I'll definitely be back!



2017 Sep 8
The Frida and Diego Burger ($16) comes with a pile of top notch fries and a delightful salad. The burger itself was beautifully and deliciously dressed with lettuce, tomato, jalapeņos, and cheese. I found the beef patty to be a little too thick (personal preference, I know) and on the dry side. Still, this is overall one of the best burger platters in town.

2017 Mar 18
The burger platter is still super popular here, and for good reason. I had their St Patrick's Day special ($17), with Guinness Cheddar and bacon. Every bite was awesome, and the selling point here is still the fact that platters come with fries *and* salad by default.

I mean seriously, every place should serve fries and salad on a platter. What ever made it okay to consider them as mutually exclusive items where one can be swapped out for the other? It's a bit like offering a burger and then asking if you want a patty or a bun. :P

Top marks to Chez Lucien for doing what's right!

2013 May 1
Here is a picture of the La Bourgeoiserie beef burger with slices of pears and brie.

2011 Mar 9
Was there today after a meeting and just missed lunch time at both murrey St and Benny's Bistro.

Went to CL after an absence of about 2 years and had the Bourgoise burger with pear, grilled onion and brie. Very tasty and the fries are great dipped in the dressing and the salad was fairly decent.

Very decent deal for $12.

The soup of the day was lamb stew but they ran out..

2009 Mar 19
One of the best burgers in town. Excellent quality food despite the modest setting.

2008 Jul 24
I would love to know what's in that salad dressing of their's!!! All three of their beef burgers are incredible and as Food&Think said, omg those fries!!!!

2008 Jul 4
Both the Burger Platters we ordered were fantastic! "The Man" had the Frida & Diego (jalapeos, grilled onions & monterey jack cheese), while I had the Hambourgeoisie, a more "upscale" burger (premium beef, pear slices, grilled onions and melted brie). The shoestring fries were homemade (still had the skins on) and perfectly cooked, while the house salad of mixed greens and fresh veggies came with a very tasty dressing. Having both fries and salad was a real treat as so many places offer one or the other.

Can't wait to go back and try another of their many Burger Platters.

2006 Oct 10
The burger was pretty good. The fries were awesome -- very slightly coated with a satisfying McDonald's kind of light greasiness. The salad was generous considering it was in addition to the fries (most of it is hidden in this photo).


2013 Mar 21
My wife thoroughly enjoyed her hamburger platter and was pleased with the salad she got instead of fries.

Service is always friendly and it's great to see an authentic diner in a new strip mall like this.