Diner and pizza restaurant.

5517 Hazeldean Road, next to Mr Shawarma and Five Guys Burgers

Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Pizza at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Pizza at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Fish and Chips at Kal's Place
Burger Platter at Kal's Place
Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Kal's Place
Foods from Kal's Place

2013 Mar 22
Foodie... that pic.... i hate you SO MUCH.

2013 Mar 21
The lunch special one day was the Beef Melt with soup for $10.99. This included a large bowl of very passable diner-style soup (I think it was tomato macaroni, from what I remember).

The beef turned out to be tasty chopped steak with cheese (Provolone?) on a high quality ciabatta-style bun. The fries were generous and hot, and there was a lovely little cup of gravy on the plate. Great lunch!


2018 Jun 2
The price has jumped to $9.95 now but the quality is still as great as ever!

2015 May 29
Still excellent. At 7:45 on Friday morning it was pretty easy to get a seat, but I'm told there are lineups out the door on the weekends. I hope they never change what they're doing here!

2015 Feb 28
My wife and I dropped in for a weekday breakfast and it was excellent as always. Seriously the best diner-style breakfast sausage in town and the eggs are done to perfection.

They recently underwent a makeover via Ottawa's now-famous Shannon Smithers-Gay of One80 Design. Her characteristic look of wood and warm lighting are present here, and the new bar looks quite inviting. A greater number of booths, with some removable dividers for flexibility, enhance the utility and comfort of the table area.

2014 Jun 11
Like I need to post yet another picture of Kal's breakfast. But just check out how perfect the plump little sausages are here!

Poached was a nice option for the eggs too.

2013 Nov 16
Opted for the premium priced Smoked meat and eggs breakfast. This turned out to be a regular bacon and egg breakfast, but with Lester's smoked meat instead of bacon for a $7 premium. It was very tasty but not at all worth paying double for!

2013 Oct 23
I was here for a breakfast with a group this morning. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast and coffee came out to $8.00 with tax (before tip). Service was good for our group, and the food was top notch. The standout for me were the hashbrowns. Homemade, fresh and piping hot on the plate. Super tasty.

2013 Mar 21
The two-egg breakfast is still an excellent choice here. This is the best value (quality/price) breakfast I know of in the Kanata/Stittsville area.

It's hard to choose between the crispy bacon and the fat little sausages. Sometimes I get both.

Pictured is my 2-egg over-easy with sausages and rye. $6.99. Bottomless coffee included.

2011 Nov 25
I tried Kal's standard breakfast this morning. $6.50 gets you:
* Coffee/tea
* 2 Eggs
* Bacon OR sausage OR ham
* Homefries
* Toast

My choices were:
* Coffee - standard diner fare, large mug, refill offered
* Eggs over easy. Nicely done.
* Bacon, asked for crispy. Got the *crispiest* bacon I've ever encountered. Not burnt, just awesomely crispy.
* Homefries were authentic home-style, not deep fried.
* I opted for brown toast and it was toasted and buttered perfectly.

All in all a great find and my current choice for Kanata/Stittsville area breakfast!

P.S. Thursday mornings, they are closed for a private function until 8:30am. I waited outside for 10 minutes for the function to end, but things were incredibly fast after that:

8:32 - I entered the restaurant and was seated. Was given a menu and asked about coffee.
8:33 - Coffee arrived and I ordered my breakfast.
8:38 - My plate arrived. (!)
8:52 - I paid (at the cash as instructed) and left.


2013 Mar 25
This is the 1-piece (5 oz) beer battered haddock meal for $12.95. Piping hot, moist fish with a lovely English-style batter and a rather exceptional tartar sauce. The fries are always great here too. Top marks!

2013 Mar 21
My wife thoroughly enjoyed her hamburger platter and was pleased with the salad she got instead of fries.

Service is always friendly and it's great to see an authentic diner in a new strip mall like this.


2014 Dec 18
Still loving the Canadian pizza here. The Cajun Chicken one was a little less impressive, but then I'm never crazy about chicken on my pizza.

Excellent with beer!

2014 Feb 15
While prices of lunch and dinner items at this better-than-average diner have recently jumped dangerously into the "bistro fare" range, the pizza remains good value.

My Small Canadian pizza for $10.95 was both delicious and filling. Well-balanced cheese and sauce, with generous bacon, pepperoni, and mushrooms, made for a tasty lunch indeed. The crust is on the thick side and is better than most delivery options.