Tags: Centretown · Lebanese
Replacing Shawarma Laguna at 129 Bank Street, Donerma is a restaurant that serves chicken shawarma and kebabs (kofta, chicken and lamb).

Foods from Donerma


2019 May 17
I met up with a couple of friends for lunch a couple of days ago. When we were planning our lunch outing one of my lunch mates mentioned that she has been to Donerma a few times and the food is really good. The other lunch mate and I had never been there and we were eager to try it out. The resto is very small but they still managed to squeeze in a dozen tables or so if you choose to dine in. It is also very hot since they have a grill set up in the resto and it was getting very toasty while I was lunching with my friends so next time I may decide to get take out and eat my lunch somewhere else due to the heat.

On to the food. Donerma has a few menu options including wraps, bowls and platters. I ordered a kofta platter pictured on the right (I already made a dent in my lunch before I remembered to take a picture;). I got two koftas which came with rice, potatoes, salad, garlic sauce, a pita, hummus, and pickled turnip. One of my friends got a chicken wrap and she was given a choice of toppings and there was a lot to pick from. The other friend got a chicken bowl which is a roast chicken salad that comes with potatoes, hummus, and garlic sauce. Our portions were large and we ended up taking home leftovers. The food was really tasty and the service very friendly. I look forward to going back.