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Fish and Chips at Highlander Pub
Foods from Highlander Pub

2014 May 25
I've been here a couple times now, and I've never walked away disappointed. Great pub, great food, great service. Do yourself a favour and try out their Apple, Bacon and Brie Burger. You won't regret it!

2012 Apr 27
Date of Visit: March 23rd, 2012

I have been visiting the Highlander Pub on every trip to Ottawa for the last 7 or 8 years… sometimes just to sample one of their huge selection of single malt scotches, but occasionally to eat as well. Mostly, I tend to visit during the evening but on my last excursion to the capital I went for a long and relaxing (partly liquid) lunch …

Haggis ... Rating 3 out of 5

Tomintoul Peaty Tang ... Rating 4 out of 5
Tomintoul 10 year old ... Rating 3 out of 5

I enjoyed excellent service and a nice relaxing afternoon in pleasant surroundings. The haggis I ordered was not as good as I have had at this place before but this did not diminish my experience by any means and I will definitely return again.

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2011 Nov 4
I had a less than favorable experience here last week. My boyfriend and I were there for his birthday - as I'm usually a big fan of the Highlander.

My boyfriend order the special - Albacore Tuna and I had a chicken breast with cranberries and a sauce made from scotch. The tuna looked like an overdone porkchop...the chicken breast was cooked down to half its size and the rice had absolutely no flavour!!

Our waitress was not very professional - at the end of the meal she set the bill down on the table and "announced" the total out loud...

Its unfortunate as I usually enjoy this establishment...but I don't think I'll return.

2010 Dec 7
They love me here because I always show up wearing a kilt. Okay, so I always wear a kilt, so it isn't anything different for me. However, wearing a kilt in means they give you free scotch! I assume it's only when you order a dinner or another drink and it's whatever is the scotch of the day, but still ... free scotch!

I've met one of the owners a couple of times and gotten to know him a little bit. He lives in Mechanicsville near our last place. Great guy with an amazing old car.

A couple of weeks ago I went there for breakfast because I was in the area. It was strange when I got the menu and was told that the special in this Scottish theme resto-pub was the breakfast burrito. Oh, well. I thought I'd give it a try. GREAT GOOGALY MOOGALY! The thing was huge! Seriously huge. It was a soft tortilla filled with egg, onion, mushroom, bacon, sausage, topped with ham slices, grated cheese and salsa and sour cream. On the side was a bit of fruit salad and a small bowl of oatmeal. I'd ordered a coffee (which was your run of the mill restaurant coffee) and an apple juice. The burrito was delicious.

Oh. And a free scotch. I wasn't sure about that for breakfast, but I didn't think it'd make a dent after all that breakfast. Mmmmmmmm, Teacher's.

It was a whole lot to eat, but I was determined and won out in the end. It was plentiful and a good price. The special was $9 and would have easily fed 2.

2010 May 6
Tonight I went to the Highlander pub with my band mates to grab a beer and something to eat. The menu was quite limited, yet it looked pretty interesting, and the prices were reasonable.

I decided to have their brand new "special dish" which was essentially a nice piece of steak on top of mixed greens with a "balsamic reduction" as a dressing.

The meal was good. It was acceptable and quite tasty. However I have a few qualms. The salad was composed of dandelion, radicchio, endives, arugula, Romain and spinach, the standard spring mix I guess. On top of that was cucumbers, tomatoes and red and green peppers.

Unfortunately, the cucumbers and tomatoes were not fresh, as they were soggyish and slightly wilted. Similarly I had to place aside 3 of the 4 endive slices as they had browning edges.

The steak: Although I had asked for medium rare, the stake came as a medium well, almost well done. Since the cut of meat was very good quality (they advertise it as AAA) it was rather soft and quite delicious.

The salad's advertised balsamic reduction was literally a few drops sprinkled on top. Thus I could not even taste it. When I asked the waitress for more, they brought me plain old balsamic, which is totally fine and delicious, but it wasn't thick and sweet, and obviosly not a reduction.

All in all, the salad was acceptable. The steak saved the day, since it was actually really nice. I didn't drink tonight (although my buddies shared a pitcher) and I had a Perrier. The salad, sparkling water and tip came to $19.00. Completely and utterly not worth it. Its pretty much what I grill up on a weekday summer afternoon for a quick dinner (for a fraction of the price) But it was good, and the service was nothing to complain about.

This is not a negative review per se, but I was not wowed by any means and I will not go back to the Highlander specifically for food. Some beers, fries and nachos maybe.

2/5 - Robert.

2007 Jul 30
Love this pub! Great drinks and atmosphere.


2007 May 5
An outstanding and varied selection, the best I've found in Ottawa -- including some real rarities. This is the first place I'd take a scotch lover.


2007 Mar 30
best nachos I've ever had. I think they stay crisp because they deep-fry the chips. just my personal theory though. will be going back here for more nachos and irish car bombs in the near future :)

2006 Sep 27
Highlander's nachos are a little different from the usual, in that they drizzle a little ranch dressing over them before serving. Makes for an interesting flavour. I also like how their chips usually stay pretty crisp while you're eating; at most places, they use so much salsa that the chips get goopy and soft part way through eating.


2018 Jun 16
I've wanted to try their Friday Fish and Chips special ($10) ever since I started working practically next door over a year ago. Finally made it there and it happened to be on their 16th anniversary celebration.

First, about the fish and chips. The batter was nice and crispy just the way I like it but the fish itself was terribly overcooked and dry. I find this is often the case when the filets are thick and cylindrical like these. The fries were pretty good. All in all, you can't deny the value of a $10 meal with two pieces of fish!

Spying Belhaven Scottish Cream Ale on the draught menu meant I had to order it as I'm a fan of Belhaven Best from a can. The 14 oz "sleeve" size ($5.75) was perfect for a lunch. Kudos for offering true 20 oz pints and a smaller option that isn't at all skimpy.

The upside of the anniversary celebration: small samples of haggis on crostini, shortbread, and tablet. The downside: live bagpipes.

They were also offering a special anniversary 1¼ lb lobster dinner (with melted butter and caesar salad) for the incredible price of $15.95. That's less than you'd pay for just the lobster at a fishmonger! It's still available today (Saturday, June 16) but then it's gone.