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Handmade, hand painted chocolates with unique flavours, richly flavoured hot chocolate, teas, and more.

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2014 Jan 6
My wife and I were the recipients of a box of chocolates from Cylie, a gift from our daughter and her hubby, who are fans of the place and owners. The chocolates were gorgeous to look at, melted immediately in the mouth with rich dark chocolate flavours, and the fillings were smooth and wonderfully flavoured. My dd highly recommends the hot chocolate but I have yet to try it.
I have also yet to eat the amazing ChocoRoboTude - maybe tomorrow is his last day on earth. I wonder what he tastes of?


2014 Jul 18
These are without a doubt Ottawa's most beautiful chocolates. The shell is incredibly thin, but the chocolate is good quality and the fillings are mildly flavoured so you can still thoroughly enjoy the chocolatiness of it all. Top notch product!