Foods from Champa Thai

2017 Jan 14
Champa Thai is a small hole in the wall on busy King Edward Avenue that produces tasty and satisfying Thai food. This is a take-out/delivery operation, as there isn't much furniture in their space other than the open kitchen filled with Thai herbs, spices and large woks. Their curries are rich and filled with a depth of flavour that is sometimes lacking from other Thai places in Ottawa. The portions are large, and the prices are reasonable, so good value. The sticky rice is a nice accompaniment to the curries if you you are bored of jasmine rice. Their website is powered by so online order is easy and you can pay in advance.

2011 Nov 6
fast and great food. we have ordered 3 times. great each time. veggie friendly, very friendly.

2011 Oct 14
Ordered Champa Thai a couple weeks ago. Most dishes are about $10 for a good quantity of food (I saved a good bit for a late night snack). I had the Pad Kee Mao with chicken; I was worried that they would tone down the heat so I asked for it spicy and they delivered (both figuratively and literally!). Delivery was estimated at 45 minutes, they took less than half an hour. I don't order out much so I can't really compare to similar places but I would recommend Champa Thai.