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"Using only state of the art hydroponic techniques, we pride ourselves on always providing fresh quality produce. We consider our produce to be of premium quality."

SunTech opened in 1999, and currently has 2.5 acres of hydroponic greenhouses. Crops include - Beefsteak Tomatoes, Salad Tomatoes, Onions and Eggplant.

The operation has a growing season of 10 months a year (December - October) with fresh tomatoes being picked every second day (March thru October). SunTech also runs a small store that features both # 2 Tomatoes in quantity and local food products (such as Mustards, Pickles, Jams & Preserves, as well as baked goods like Pies).

Location is friendly and welcoming, tours can be arranged on request.
(Compiled from info on SunTech's Website - www.suntech.ca )

Weekdays 7 AM - 5 PM
Weekends 9 AM - 5 PM

SunTech Greenhouses
Foods from SunTech Greenhouses

2010 Apr 17
I drop by every chance I get when I'm on my way back from being on the 401 and heading home to the south end of Ottawa.

It's a gem! The also offer beans, green and flat, cucumbers, baby eggplant in addition to the many different types of tomatoes.

They also have their own salsa and marinara sauce for sale.

The store carries a bunch of local products like jams, jellies, chutneys, honey, bread, cookies... etc.

2009 Aug 31
I have passed by the location (just off River Road south of Manotick) many times over the years, but have never ever stopped in.

Well that all changed on a Saturday Afternoon earlier this summer when we took advantage of "Doors Open Ottawa".

The folks at Suntech were very welcoming, and the tour guide did an excellent job of explaining how the whole place operates. We were astounded by the size of the plants, the fruit and how big the operation is.

We also discovered that they are experimenting with other veggies... one of which this year is Eggplant.

One of the advantages of growing plants in a hothouse is the ability to control the environment so that all the fruits are about as close to perfect looking as one can get... no bugs, no scars, no brown spots, etc. Which I guess would account partially for the fact that these tomatoes are so much more expensive than other types found at the grocery store.

One can find their tomatoes at local grocery stores including Loblaws & FarmBoy. "The Man" and I were buying their huge beefsteak tomatoes earlier in the summer (before our patio plant came into its own) we found the tomatoes quite flavourful and the size was perfect for adding slices atop a Hamburger.

I believe in supporting local food producers, so I didn't mind paying the extra (a lot better than I figure than those packed green hothouse tomatoes from Mexico) but once the regular farmers' produce became available (and my patio plant) I've given up Suntech. No doubt will give them another go come the Fall.

There is also a store on-site that sells locally produced food items (mustard, pickles, jams & preserves along with pies and some other baked goods). They also sell their # 2 tomatoes (anything that is not absolutely perfect). They said that a lot of folks purchase them in large quantities for making tomatoe sauce, salsa, etc.

The Hothouses are open daily, and tours are available year-round (not just on special occasions). Would be a "good field trip" for any Ottawa Foodie.

2009 Jul 3
I haven't tried them yet, but last night I saw that Herb & Spice on Wellington has beautiful heirloom tomatoes from SunTech. The tomatoes were an odd size - some giant, some small, they looked pleated, like an accordian. They looked like they might actually taste like tomatoes!

I will try some and report back.