Small spot located in back of a medical building on the corner of MacLaren and O'Connor

Open 7am-3pm serving breakfast and lunch. Awesome sandwiches and salads. Friendly service.

Upper Crust Sandwich and Deli
Foods from Upper Crust Sandwich and Deli


2017 Oct 26
Yet another success at Upper Crust, this time for breakfast. 2 egg breakfast for under $8. Asked for onions in the homefries and it was no issue. They also have sourdough as a toast option which I find is a very treat. Got a chipotle chicken panini on Art Is In bread to go as well as it always serves me well. It's never really busy as I suspect the location is not great which is a shame as it isspectacular. If only they opened weekends

2017 Jun 23
Ok so the prices went up a tad, can't say I'm thrilled about that - but the sandwiches are still AMAZING!

I don't usually stray from my usual; the Chipotle Chicken.

The other day I was in there with about 5 people in front of me - all ordered the chipotle chicken!

Really the best sandwich ever, right down to the small details; Art Is In bread, sautéed onions, avocado aioli kinda sauce and chipotle sauce. He also roasts the chicken himself. Seriously ample sandwich.

If you are close, definitely check it out.

(Oh and be sure to get your frequent buyer card stamped!)